Adjustment Letter Sample

January 21, 2005

Ms. Leila R. Espinosa
Villa Santana
Caloocan City

As replacement of broken mirror in transit on your order No. 96441, good item have been sent to you by prepaid express this morning.

Thank you for bringing this mishap to our attention so that we can make to correct the problem as soon as possible. Also, thanks for your thoughtfulness in having the damaged noted on the express receipt.

We are always glad to know that our goods is in such good demand, and you can be sure that we will do everything possible to be able you to keep it in stock.


Rogelio D. Sandoval

Broken Monitor Adjustment Letter

April 10, 2001

Mrs. Juana L. Magpantay
Lot 1 Blk 3 Sta. Rosa Village

Dear Mrs. Magpantay:

Good day!

I would like to inform you that we already sent by prepaid express the replacement of broken monitor.

Thank you for bringing this mishap to my attention so that I can fix it immediately. The damage is already noted on the express receipt.

I hope this may not affect our business relationship. We make it sure that it may not happen again.

Sincerely yours,

JC Navarro

Order Delay Adjustment Letter

September 25, 2004

Mr. Luis Rosales
JCMER Enterprise
Sta. Rosa Subd.
Cavite City

Dear Mr. Rosales

Surely there is no excuse for us that we are not be able to deliver your order on time.  We are confessing that a mistake in our quality assurance department is responsible for this delay, and that we have already taken this department to task.

We will send your order on September 27, 2004.  This order includes 10 sets of computer table amounting to Php1500 each just to confirm.

I know that this delay is really terrible to your business that’s why we are mighty sorry that this happened.  We will make sure that we make every effort that it does not occur again.

Sincerely yours,

Tony Boy Austria
General Manager

Damage Monitor Adjustment Letter

April 23, 2003

Ms. Ross Ann Vibal
Wawa, Abucay, Bataan

Dear Ms. Vibal:

Computer monitor have been sent to you by prepaid express to replace it since it was broken in transit on your order No. 4271.

We really appreciate your letter of April 2, bringing this misfortune to our attention as well as your thoughtfulness in having the damage noted on the express receipt.

Please let us know that our merchandise is in such good condition upon arrival. Be sure that we will do everything possible to enable you to keep it in stock.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Eldwin Rubiano

Adjustment Letter Sample

September 15, 2004

Engr. Thomas Villanueva
60 Obudan Street
Bo. Manresa, Quezon City

Subject: Pull Chain Sockets


Your letter of September 10, 2004 concerning the missing pull chain sockets has been directed to my attention.  The 10 pull chain sockets are being sent to you today through the DHL Express.

We regret the omission of the 10 pull chain sockets when the wiring devices were being shipped.

We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused you and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Very truly yours,


Patrick Chua
Supervisor, Shipping Division

Delayed Delivery Adjustment Letter

October 28, 2001

Ms. Charo Sarmiento
Villa Enterprising
Orion, Bataan

Dear Sarmiento:

In reference to our order no. 97843 last October 12, 2001 for 25 pieces of Preludio oval pitcher which has not been received by us till date. You have information that the goods have been dispatched but they have not yet reached us.

The items are urgently need by our customers.  This delay may result in substantial business loss to us.

In case you are unable to send the goods immediately, let us know so that may make alternate arrangements.  Please let us know the status of your delivery over the phone.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Ann Cabantog

Sample Adjustment Letter – Aircon dissatisfaction

February 3, 2001

Ms. Alma D. Alcantara
EDP Enterprise
Pasay, Paranaque

Dear Mrs. Alcantara:

We are sorry to hear about the poor performance of your new airconditioning unit.

We suggest that you explain the dissatisfaction you are having to our air-conditioner technical whom we are sending to your place.

We are always glad to be of service to you.


Jenlyn M. Tapang

Adjustment Letter Sample – Battery Damage

December 12, 2008

Mr. Jacquieline Co
ANE Enterprise
Mabatang, Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mr. Co:

We are sorry to hear about your experience with Mighty batteries.  For this reason, we are sending you a new radio to replace the damaged one

For the past 30 years, our production proved 99% satisfactory.  But of course, if production slips the perfect mark, we are always glad to hear from customers like you who had unsatisfactory experience.

Truly yours,

Zenaida D. Sabado

Adjustment Letter Sample – Shipment

July 17, 1981

XYZ Construction Company
1932 A.D. Bautista, Punta
Sta. Ana, Manila

Attention: Mr. Napoleon Cruz


The Tractor-Shovel is now being shipped and will definitely arrive in your port on February 20, 1982.

Notwithstanding our tremendous efforts to ship the Tractor-Shovel even before the date we promised, we are very sorry that there was a sudden change in the Bureau of Customs regulations regarding exportations of heavy machineries.

We are very hopeful that you will understand our sad experience and we are sure that this will only serve as a link to our business deals in the years to come.

Very truly yours,


Company at Fault Adjustment Letter

September 28, 1997

Mr. Paul Denlinger, Manager
Baker Memorial Hospital
Television Services
501 Main Street
Springfield, OH 45321

Dear Mr. Delinger:

Thank you for your letter regarding your order for nine TR-5771-3 tuners  We have shipped the correct tuners by United Parcel; you should receive them shortly after you receive this letter.  I have also cancelled your original order so that you will not be sent overdue notices and so that we can charge you at our preferred-customer rate.

Please accept our apologies.  Evidently a dock worker failed to see your letter in the package, and it was sent to our Rebuilt Parts Department.  That is why your note did not come to the attention of our Parts Manager.

To prevent further inconvenience, please send any future packages directly to Mr. Gene Smith, Parts Manager at our Newark facility.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.


Susan Siegel
Assistant Director