Vehicle Deed of Sale



That I, Renato D. Santos, of legal age, a resident of Villa Amanda Subd. Novaliches City is the lawful and absolute owner of a certain motor vehicle which is more particularly described as follows:

ENGINE NO.: 5217845
MV-FILE NO. 0231-45548562
OR NO.: 0025568945548

That for and in consideration of the sum of amount of FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND (400,000.00) Pesos, Philippines Currency, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged to my entire satisfaction, I hereby sell, transfer and convey by way of  absolute sale unto SAMUEL D. JOAS, of legal age, and resident of 168 Rosario Subd., Pasig City, now I, RENATO D. SANTOS, by these presents, do hereby  SELL, TRANSFER and CONVEY, unto the said, EMERSON M. NAVARRO his heirs, assigns, and successors-in-interest, the above described motor vehicle, on an “as is where is basis” free from liens and encumbrances.

The subject vehicle being mortgaged with PS Bank, Vendor undertakes to either pay the balance outright or if not practicable, to pay the balance in full on or before the end of December 2018 and the original OR and CR shall then be released to herein BUYER.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto affixed my hand this 10th day of November, 2015 in Novaliches City, Philippines.

LICENSE NO. H02-5656S11

SSS NO. 02-5644518323



Republic of the Philippines PROVINCE OF BATAAN ) S.C

BEFORE  ME, a Notary Public for and in the City of Balanga this 10th  day of November, 2017 personally came and appeared together with their identification below their names.

Known to me and to me known to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged me that the same is his/her/their free own act and voluntarily deed.

WITNESS MY HAND AND NOTARIAL SEAL, on the date and place first above written

Sample Agreement LetterSample Agreement Letter

January 23, 2009

Mr.Ricardo G. Silva
Xavier Ville Subd.
Quezon City


Dear Mr. Silva:

This letter is serves as our written agreement for the house construction of One Storey Residential house at Tabing Ilog Subd. Antipolo City. The total contract cost for the project is One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Pesos (1.9M).

Here are the following terms and conditions:

1. Schedule of payment and work accomplished as follows:

a. Thirty Percent Downpayment (30%) upon signing of contract

b. Balance progress billing

c. If the owner fails to pay the whole amount of downpayment within ten days upon signing of this contract, otherwise an additional three  percent  (3%) of the total contract price will be added to cover increase of materials.

d. Time of completion is 180 working days from the date of issuance of building permit

e. Extra Jobs:  If the owner shall require the contractor to perform additional work not included in the plans and specification is subject to another estimate. In view of that, the owner shall pay an additional amount for the cost of material and labor plus 15% mark up to the contractor

f. Failure by the contractor to complete and deliver the PROJECT within the specified period without the benefit of an approved extension of time shall be grounded for termination. The Owner, shall likewise be entitled to liquidated damages in the amount equivalent to one-tenth (1/10) of one (1% ) percent of the contract price per day of delay. The Owner is hereby authorized to deduct the amount of such liquidated damages from any money due.  The Contractor shall not liable if the delay in the performance of its work due solely to force majeure  such as storms, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, civil disturbances such as war, rebellion, insurrection, transport and other strikes affecting production of materials vital to completion of the Project and such other occurrences beyond the control of the Contractor. The date and cost to be agreed by both parties (building only).

2. Warranty : One (1) year from the date of final acceptance of the project. The Contractor shall replace defective job at his own expenses during the entire period but on the other hand ordinary wear and tear including intentional breakage is excluded in this warranty.

3. Conditions: Light and water provided by the owner for free and provide space or barracks to the workers.

4. Guarantee: We guarantee that all the materials forming part of the complete system is of good quality and the best type of service intended. Our Customer and Clients are backed-up and supported with a highly experienced service staff-project team, design team, enhanced engineering and installer team

5. CONTRACTOR may terminate this contract by thirty (30) days written notice at anytime during the term hereof upon CUSTOMER failure to pay any sum due and payable. Neither party shall liable to the contract under the provisions of this paragraph. In the other hand, the OWNER may terminate the contract if the contractor failed to perform the work or any part thereof satisfactorily in accordance to agreed term and condition of contract. Of this arise, contractor will received the aggregated amounts payable for work satisfactorily completed.

If you have any question for the above terms and condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very truly yours,


Jomar D. Santiago
ABC Construction Firm

Sample Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy

Number: 013958854

March 12, 2012

This certifies that the building/structure which has been designed and constructed as a One Storey Residential under Building Permit 02114246 dated October 9, 2011 issued under the name of Jcmer Navarro and Merecel Navarro has been inspected and found to be in conformity with the approved plans and specifications on file in this office and the provisions of the National Building Code (PD 1096) and its implementing rules and regulations and therefore the building/structure may not be occupied or used.

The owner shall properly maintain this building to enhance architectural well-being structural stability, sanitation and fire protective properties and shall not be occupied or used for purposes other than its intended use as stated above.

This Certification is issued in accordance with Section 309, Chapters of PD 1096.


Engr. Ronaldo R. de Mesa
Building Official

Sample of Reservation Agreement

JCMER Construction Firm (Seller) hereby acknowledge the receipt of Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000.00) as reservation free of house and lot located at Lot 06 Blk 05 Silver Land, Laloma Quezon City from Mr. Ronald D. Santos (buyer), a resident of Paglinawan St. Paranaque City on July 15, 2005. The reservation is valid only for one(1) month.

The total cost of the said house and lot is Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand (2.8M). The seller agreed to pay 50% of the total cost which is One Million Four Hundred Thousand (Php 1,400,000.00) on or before August 14, 2005 and the remaining 50% will be payable on January 30, 2006.

In case the seller does not able to do his obligation. The buyer has the right to terminate this agreement and reservation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Homer T. Sanggalang
JCMER Construction Firm Owner

Mr. Ronald D. Santos

Sign in the Presence of:

Engr. Merecel L. Herrera
Project Engineer of JCMER Construction Firm

Ms. Anna Marie S. Dalisay
Property Consultant

House and Lot Contract to sell



This CONTRACT TO SELL, made and executed this ____ day of _________, 20__ by and between:

Raymund L. Samaniego, of legal age, single/married to Ruth L. Samanieg, Filipino, and with residence and postal address at  Sta. Lucia Villaga, Taguig City, hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER/VENDOR”;

Cardo S. Dalisay with residence and postal address at #143 Pilar Street, Sukat Paranaque  hereinafter referred to as the “BUYER/VENDEE”. WITNESSETH;

WHEREAS, the SELLER/VENDOR is the absolute and registered owner of house and lotconsisting of LAND AREA of One fifty  (150) square meters with Bungalow of 120 sqm floor area with three (3) bedrooms located at Lot 04 Blk 03 Roxas Subdivision, Capiz Roxas  and covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 2014005334 issued by the Registry of Deeds of Roxas City;

WHEREAS, the BUYER/VENDEE has offered to buy and the SELLER /VENDOR has agreed to sell the above mentioned property under the terms and conditions herein below set forth;

NOW THEREFORE,  for and in consideration  of the total sum of Two Million Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php: 2,450,000.00) Philippine Currency, and of the covenants herein after set forth the SELLER/VENDOR  agrees to sell and the BUYER/VENDEE agrees to buy the aforesaid property subject to the following terms and conditions

1. The total consideration shall be Two Million Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php: 2,450,000.00), Philippine Currency, payable as follows:

a.) The amount of ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php 1,225,000.00) as Down Payment shall be payable by the BUYER/VENDEE to the SELLER/VENDOR upon signing of this Contract to Sell;

b.) The remaining balance of 50% of the total cost in the amount of ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php 1,225,000.00), shall be paid in cash on last week of January 2018 or first week of February 2018.

c.) In case the BUYER/VENDEE will not be able to attend their obligation to pay the remaining 50% of total cost of house and lot. Only 50% of Down Payment will be REFUNDABLE.


2. Capital Gains Tax and Real Estate Tax, shall be for the account of the SELLER/VENDOR;

3. Documentary Stamps Tax, Registration Fee, registration expenses, and all other miscellaneous fees and expenses shall be to the account of the BUYER/VENDEE;

4. Possession to the subject property shall be delivered by the SELLER/VENDOR to the BUYER/VENDEE upon full payment of the total consideration;

5. Upon full payment of the total cost, the SELLER/VENDOR shall sign and execute a DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE in favor of the BUYER/VENDEE. The SELLER/VENDOR shall likewise execute and/or deliver any and all documents including but not limited to the original copy of Transfer of Certificate of Title, Tax Declaration, and all other documents related to the ownership of the mention property;

6. THE SELLER/VENDOR will be responsible for the transfer of ownership of Transfer Certificate of Title from SELLER/VENDOR to the BUYER/VENDEE.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures, this ___ day of ____________, 20__ at _________________________, Philippines.



House and Lot Deed of Absolute Sale



This DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE is made, executed and entered into by:
ZORAYDA L. GONZALES, of legal age, married to JASON D. GONZALES, Filipino and with residence and postal address at Alfonso, Cavite city hereinafter refer to as the SELLER.


SHEILA MAE D. ENRIQUEZ of legal age, single, Filipino and with residence and postal address at #143 San Jose Village, Cavite City, hereinafter refer to as the BUYER.


Whereas, the SELLER is the registered owner of a house, located at Blk 3 Lot 7 Ethel Subdivision, Cavite City and whereas, the BUYER has offered to buy and the SELLER has agreed to sell the above mentioned property for the amount of Nine Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (P 900,000.00) Philippine Currency;

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the sum of Nine Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (P 900,000.00) Philippine Currency, hand paid by the vendee to the vendor ,the SELLER DO HEREBYSELL ,TRANSFER and CONVEY by way of Absolute Sale unto the said BUYER, his heirs and assigns, the certain house, free from all liens and encumbrances of whatever nature including real estate taxes as of the date of this sale.

The SELLER would defend the title and rights of the BUYER from any claims of whatever kind or nature from third persons.

The SELLER shall be liable for payment of the Capital Gains Tax.
The BUYER shall be liable for payment of Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Tax, registration Fees and other incidental expenses related to the transfer of the title to the name of the BUYER.

Seller Buyer


Name of Seller’s Spouse


____________________ _____________________

Republic of the Philippines )
Mun. Of Cavite ) S.S

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the Municipality of CAVITE, personally appeared:
Name CTC Number Date /Place Issued
All known to me know to be the same persons who executed this foregoing instrument and hereby acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed. This instrument consisting of two(2) pages, including this page on which this acknowledgment is written refers to a DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE of a parcel of land and has been signed by the parties and their witnesses and sealed with my notarial seal.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand on the date and place first above written.

Notary Public

Doc no..
Page no..
Book no..
Series of 2011..

Reservation Agreement

JC Mer Home Builders (Seller) does hereby acknowledge receipt of the amount of Twenty Thousand Pesos (20,000.00 Php). Said payment as a reservation from: Mr. and Mrs. Juanito D. Navarro resides at Lot 12, Blk 02 Santis Subd. Agusan del Sur on October 23, 2001.

The above amount is to reserve a Lot 03 Blk 8 Mapayapa Subd. Agusan del Sur with TCT Title No. 28939 as well as the seller with be the builder of a 2-storey residential building with 110 sq meters floor area and 90 sq meter lot area. The said amount as reservation fee is non-refundable.

The total contract price of house and lot is 3.5M with 30% down payment upon 80% of house completion and the balance of 70% will be paid upon the full finished of the house.


Jc Mer Herrera

Mr. Juanito Navarro
Signed in the presence of:

Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement Between the Student Loan Borrower of the Student Financial Assistance Program and Pilar State University


For value received, we Reynaldo Santos, Student Borrower and Alfredo Herrera, Co-maker, of legal age, residents of Barrio Katapatan, Pilar, Sorsogon respectively, hereby jointly and severally promise to pay to order Pilar State University at its address Romuldez St. Pilar, City of Sorsogon joint collectors of the Educational fund provided by the Commission on  on Higher Education the sum of pesos eight thousand five hundred (PHP 8,500.00).
The amount subject of this loan agreement refers to an Educational Loan under the “Student Financial Assistance Program” (STUFAP) to defray the educational expenses of the Student-Borrower /Grantee, starting School Year 1999-2000 to be released once per semester after the complete required documents will be submitted to the Participating Higher Education Institution (HEI).

Repayment of this loan, unless otherwise provided, shall be made within a period of not exceeding ten (10) years for a loan of four thousand pesos and higher five (5) years for below four thousand pesos (Php 4,000.00) starting two years after the Student Borrower has graduated from college.

It is hereby understood that the CHED and/or it regional offices may at their own option increase the amount of monthly amortization should financial condition of the Student-borrower improve during repayment period.

Effective upon employment, the Student-borrower and the guarantor shall inform his/her school of the same including the name and place of business of his/her employer.

Without need of notice or demand, any default due to causes stipulated in the implementing rules and regulations, or failure to pay this loan or any installment thereon when due shall cause the obligation to become immediately due and payable.  In case a suit of any kind is filed against me/us by said school, without prior notice of demand, the obligation shall likewise immediately become due and payable and venue of any action thereon shall be the proper court of Sorsogon City.  In the event that this loan is not paid on the date of maturity or when the same becomes due under any of the provisions hereof. I/We hereby authorize Pilar State University at their option and without notice, to apply to the repayment of this loan, any and all moneyes, securities, and thighs of value belonging to us, appoint the said school to be my / our Attorney –in-Fact with full power and authority to negotiate, sell and transfer any moneys, securities and things of value belonging to me / us which it may hold, by public or private sale and apply the proceeds thereof to the repayment of this loan.

It is likewise understood that any partial payment of performance of this loan on any extension granted shall not alter or vary the terms of the original conditions of the obligation which shall interrupt the period of prescription.

I/We hereby expressly consent to be bound to any extension of payment or renewal of this loan in whole or in part, as to the terms of payment and/or without need of executing as renewal loan agreement.

Should it become necessary to collect this loan through an attorney-in-fact, I/We hereby expressly agree to pay jointly and severally, five (5%) percent of the total amount due to this loan as attorney’s fee which is no case shall be less than Php 100.00 exclusive of all costs and fees allowed by law as stipulated in the Loan Agreement.

I/We hereby waive all my/our rights under the provision of Rule 23, section 26 of the Revised Rules and Court.

This loan agreement shall be further governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the approved application signed/executed by the Student-Borrower and the Guarantor and such oath existing and future rules and regulations that CHED may issue to effectively implement this Student assistance program.

Reynaldo Santos
Student – Borrower

Alfredo Herrera

Leticia Santos

Yolanda Espinosa
University President

Acknowledgement for Memorandum of Agreement



BEFORE ME, a notary for and in the city of Makati on this 12th of June 2007 personally appeared the following persons:

Dr. Delfin A. Pascual with CTC. No. of 2157465 Issued at Zamboanga City on January 13, 2007
Mr. Rolando Mercado with CTC No. of 4258971 issued at Makati City on January 15, 2007

Known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing Memorandum of Agreement, and acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and deed and of the corporation they represent.

This instrument is a Agreement consisting of six (6) pages including this page where the acknowledgement is written.  Each page of this instrument has been signed by the Parties, as well as their instrumental witnesses, and is sealed with my notarial seal.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, on the day and at the place first above written.
Doc No. _____
Page No. ____
Book No. _____
Series of 2007

Notary Public

Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement

Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement
Know all men by these presents:

This Memorandum of Agreement (hereinafter called “Agreement”) is made and executed this 14th day of June 2007 by and between
TOTAL (PHILIPPINES) CORPORATION, a duly organized corporation with business address at the 31/F Export Plaza corner Sen. Gil Puyat Sr. and Don Chino Roces Avenues, Makati City, represented herein by Ms. Chelo Rosanes (hereinafter referred to as “TOTAL”);


The PILLAR STATE UNIVERSITY, a duly organized institution and operating under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with address at Poblacion, Pilar, Bataan and represented by its president, Dr. Manuel Manansala, (hereinafter referred to as “PSU”).


WHEREAS, TOTAL is a duly organized business engaged in the marketing of refined petroleum products;

WHEREAS, TOTAL has committed to provide the tuition fee for the three-year diploma program of ten (10) students (hereinafter referred to as the “Scholars”) – three (3) from Electrical  Engineering Technology, four(4) from Electronics Engineering Technology and three (3) from the Mechanical Engineering Technology Course;

WHEREAS, PCU is a state college mandated to provide higher professional, technical and special instruction and promote technological studies.

WHEREAS, PCU has the capability to train the Scholars and is willing to undertake the program;

WHEREAS, PCU will select the Scholars from the top three (3) students each enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology Courses;

THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the terms and consideration hereunder enumerated, the Parties to the Agreement hereby agree, that;

1.    TOTAL shall:

a.    Support ten(10) students in a three-year diploma program of the following courses at PCU” such as Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology
b.    Transfer the amount of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 250,000.00) to PCU for the tuition fee of the ten (10) scholars for school year June 2007 to April 2008 (see Annex 2 for schedule of release of payment);
c.    Provide a venue for their Apprenticeship Program of the top Scholar of each course on the 3rd year of their training; and
d.    Monitor the implementation of the program as well as the utilization of fund.

2.    THE PCU shall:

a.    Provide a list with accompanying documents certifying the scholastic records of the top three (3) students enrolled each in the following courses for school year June 2007 to April 2008: Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology;

b.    Prepare and submit a work and financial plan as a requirement to the transfer of funds;

c.    Ensure the proper documentation of the financial assistance (such as submission of the official receipt, summary of disbursement, etc.) in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;

d.    Submit a quarterly report of the Scholars’ training progress to TOTAL;

e.    Provide counseling to the scholars and their family, as may be necessary, to help ensure that that scholars do not drop out of the training program; and

f.    Within sixty (60) days after completion of the program, PCU shall submit to TOTAL financial statements, certificate of program completion and acceptance by the beneficiary or funding agency.

This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon signing of the document by the official representatives of the TOTAL and PCU, unless sooner terminated in writing by TOTAL,

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Memorandum of Agreement as of the date first above written.

University President
Pillar State University


Signed in the presence of:

Placement Officer
Pillar State University

Senior Terminal Manager
TOTAL (Philippines) Corporation