Health Insurance Claim Letter

September 12, 2005

Ms. Roalyn D. Santiago
Health Care Representatibe
ABC Health Care Inc.
Cubao, Quezon City

Dear Ms. Santiago:

I would like to request reimbursement for medical expenses for policy no. 215001A. I was visiting my nephews at Cebu City, when I pain sudden pain at my left belly so I was treated at Cebu City General Hospital and need to pay the bill in full. The amount was Php15,256.00 for ultrasounds, x-ray and two nights at the hospital.

I already call your office regarding all my concerns.  Attached herewith is all the documents related to my treatment as well as the sign of my physician during my stay at the hospital.

I hope for your quick action regarding this matter. If you have any question, please reach me a 0923643156.

Sincerely yours,

Jelleny R. Go

Claim Salary Letter

August 29, 2007

Ms. Lissete R. Sampang
LJI Hotel and Resort
Balanga City

Dear Ms. Sampang:

I am Cristina L. Flores, former receptionist of LJI Hotel and Resort. I already reminded your good office for my June salary dues and other benefits but up to now there is no response from your Accounting department.

I would like to request to please expedite the process for issuing of payment cheques to my salary account with account number 45157826943. Attached here is my resignation letter that was duly approved by the Department head.

I hope for your immediate action regarding this matter. Do not hesitate to call me if there are things need to clarify.

Sincerely yours,

Cristina L. Flores

Reject Commission Letter

April 25, 2003

Ms. Jessica R. Tamulog
Real Estate Sales Agent
Al Tierra St. Orion, Bataan

Dear Ms. Tamulog:

I have received your letter last Friday, April 22 requesting payment in the sum of Php 85,000.00 as (3%) commission on the sale of my high ceiling bungalow house located at San Lucia Subd. Samal, Bataan.

The said property is already purchased by Ms. Luzviminda D. Santos before you introduce this property to her. Ms. Santos inspected the property last March and we agreed that she will pay for the reservation fee and the balance will be paid by April1 15 so your claim is inappropriate since we already have an agreement about the property.

I therefore reject your claims to the commission. I hope for your understanding regarding your claim.

Sincerely yours,

Laarni H. Enriquez

Sample Medical Claim Letter

April 15, 2005

ABC Insurance Corporation
St. Joseph Subd.
Balanga City

Dear Ms. Solomon:

I am formally request reimbursement for my medical expenses for policy number, A41572. I was hospitalized for 1 week on April 2 to April 8, 2005 due to pneumonia at St. Luke’s Hospital. My wife needed to pay the bill in full. The amount was Php 55,000 for x-rays, laboratory expenses, rooms and medicines.

According to the terms of my policy, respiratory disease like pneumonia is covered. I have enclosed all the documents related to my treatment. I am requesting your good office to reimburse me Php55,000 in keeping with my health care coverage.

I hope for your cooperation regarding this matter. I can be reach at 09451257853 if you have any clarifications.

Thank you for quick action.


Angelina D. Agaloos

Reward Claim Letter Sample

April 22, 2005

Ms. Ruth D. Reyes
Travel and Tours Enterprise
Binondo, Tondo Manila

Dear Ms. Reyes:

I am requesting to get my travel reward from your good office. I already accumulated 500 rewards points from my RCBC Visa Card.

According to your promo, 500 rewards points are equivalent to 2 days travel to Singapore with hotel accommodation.

I hope for your cooperation regarding this matter. Please inform me when I am going to get my travel reward.

Thanks and more power!

Your office has promotional


Jona R. Soriano


Payment Demand Letter Sample

April 25, 2015

Mr. Marvin D. Rodriguez
San Ville Subd.
Alfonso, Cavite

Dear Mr. Rodriguez:

Last April of 2015, I landscaped your garden at San Ville Subd. for a contract of Php45,000.00, You made the down payment of 10% of the total contract price as agreed. I already finished the landscape of your garden and unfortunately, you have refused to make the final payment. I have made repeated attempts to collect, but you have no response. I am requesting that you make the final payment by May 20, 2015.

I am waiting for your response to this letter no later than May 2, 2015 and if this issue is not resolved by the time specified above, I reserve the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the debt without further notice to you and this letter may be served as evidence of your failure to pay.


Gin Rose Manrique

Breach of Contract Claim Letter

October 25, 2001

Manuel Tie Olondriz
143 Four Lanes
Marigold St. Manila

Dear Mr. Olondriz:

I feel sorry that you have not completed the painting job that you were hired for on September 28 to the agreed upon specifications. You failed to paint the terrace of our house.

I am so disappointed that you were not be able to finish the job that specified in our contract.

Let me know the soonest possible time if you can either return and finish the job to the specifications laid out in our contract or pay out the damages for non completion included in section 8 a.) of the contract we signed.

I hope for your feedback about this matter as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Linda R. Santiago

Defective Order Complaint Letter

September 10, 2015

Ms. Ruth D. Reyes
JC Mer Enterprises
Sta Rita Village
San Fernando Pampanga

Dear Ms. Reyes

One week ago, September 2, 2015 I ordered fifty lamp shades, my order No. 223, and your invoice No. 230. The shipment arrived yesterday, presumably in fulfillment of my specifications.

The entire lot us unsatisfactory. The color is not as specified; the material is of inferior quality; and the shades are not even all of the same size. Some of them also have defects that are glaringly visible.

I am returning the entire order by express, collect, and shall expect to receive the correct merchandise at your earliest convenience.


Jonas R. Santiago

Return Merchandise Letter

August 21, 2007

Ms. Rexie D. Santiago
AJHD Enterprise
Dilgon St. Makati City

Dear Ms. Santiago:

I would like to inform your good office about the merchandise we order last month with order no. 14524. We already cancel this order because according to your secretary, Ms. Adie Cruz, our order will not be able to deliver on time.

But we are surprised to receive this order yesterday.  Frankly speaking, I do not need these merchandises so I want to return it to your office immediately and I will charge your office for transportation. This order contains overrun blouses and shorts.  I think Ms. Cruz was not be able to cancel our order.

Please investigate this matter and allow us to return the merchandise as soon as possible.  I hope we can settle this matter. We are your customer for the past 5 years so you know me well.

Thank you very much for your usual understanding.

Very truly yours,

Ethelyn L. Navarro
JCCEL Trading

Product Complaint Letter

January 28, 2000

Ms. RubyRose D. Tarosa
Sales Manager
ANBC Enterprise
Mandaluyong City

Dear Ms. Tarosa

This is in reference with the washing machine we bought at your center two days ago. It was in the good condition when your salesman demonstrated to us. But yesterday when we use the washing machine, we are not able to press the button to drain the water. I think the washing machine is defected.

I already called your service center and told me that they will repair our washing machine. I am writing to request you to replace my defective washing machine with new one. I have been your customer for the past three years since we transferred in this city and always purchased electrical item from your store.

I know that you will investigate this matter and help me to get new item.  I hope for your kind consideration and I hope to hear you at earliest possible time.

Sincerely yours,

Rebecca L. Macabenta