Employment Recommendation Letter

June 9, 2000

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that the bearer, Engr. Rogelio D. Lapuz is a graduate of Pilar State University and a licensed Civil Engineer.

I would like to endorse him to your company for a possible employment. He is one of my good students, very diligent and hardworking. I am sure he will be an asset to you if given a chance to be employed.

Your very kind considerations will be greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Wilfredo R. Vargas
Dean, Engineering Department

Marketing Manager Recommendation Letter

September 21, 2003

Mr. Louie D. Tan
Timothy Corporation
Caloocan City

Dear Ms. Tan:

I would like to recommend my good friend and associate, Mr. Donald E. Injante, the bearer of this letter.  Mr. Injante has been under my supervision for six years at ETEL Enterprise  and he has always displayed resourcefulness and dynamism expected of a marketing manager.  He is very effective marketing supervisor who always succeeded in handling old and new accounts.

Mr. Injante is a hard-working employee who has gained the respect of all those who worked for him. He possesses the characteristic of the best marketing manager such as work hard towards the revenue target and follow latest marketing trends. I truly believe that he will be an asset to your company.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Mark R. Steven

Sample Introduction and Recommendation Letter

November 21, 2008

Dear Ms. Casely:

I would like to introduce Ms. Merecel L. Navarro, the bearer of this letter and she is also my former employee.  She comes to your office about the possibility of an opening in your computer processing department.

Ms. Navarro will be an asset to your company because she possesses an ability to communicate well and express herself in a clear manner both in writing and speaking. In addition, she is a very hardworking and very honest.

I hope you will be given her a chance to work in your office.

Thank you.


Bob de Leon

Upliftment Recommendation Letter

July 28, 2008

Celeste R. Legazpi
Hostel Manager
Pilar State University

Dear Ms. Legazpi:

An inspection visit at PSU canteen was conducted by Dra. Theresa D. Su, Medical Officer and Hazel R. Gonsales, Nurse, last July 25, 2008, and based on our observations during the visit, the Team hereby recommends the following sanitary measures for implementation at the canteen:

a.    Use of glass cover for cooked food; and
b.    Keeping the kitchen clean and sanitized at all times.

Our main concern is the upliftment of the health and sanitary conditions at eh PSU canteen, so the immediate implementation and compliance with the above measures are hereby recommended.

Dra. Theresa D. Su
Medical Officer

Engineer Recommendation Letter

September 21, 2004

Mr. Lorenzo R. Zapanta
ADB Supervisor
EHRJ Electronics Company
Pasig City

Dear Mr. Zapanta:

I would like to recommend Mr. Darren D. Samaniego in your office to work as Technical Engineer in your Process Department. I assure you that Mr. Samaniego will do excellent job because he has worked under my supervision at Mitsumi Philippines, he has always exhibited enthusiasm and resourcefulness expected of a Technical Engineer.

Mr. Samaniego is a hard-working employee that is why he has gained the respect and friendship of all those who worked with him. I assure you he will be effective in his position and he will be the asset of your company.


Very truly yours,


Juan Legaspi

Employment Reference Letter

February 20, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This letter is serves as a recommendation for Ms. Lorabel D. Santiago

Ms. Santiago worked with me at Celeste Megastore Inc. for 2 years. She is a hard-working employee and knows how to get the work done successfully.  Also, she has excellent communication skills.  She was highly respected here by her colleagues and customers.

I strongly recommended her to a position of Accounting Staff.  I am sure that she will be a great asset to the company.  I will be happy to provide further information about Ms. Santiago, please feel free to give me a call.

Sincerely yours,

Flordina R. Tricano
Human Resource Supervisor

Sample Employment Reference Letter

January 15, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

Good day!

Samantha D. Fortaleza was employed as an Accounting Assistant from May 23, 2011 to April 28, 2012  During her time at GHDG Enterprise.  She fulfilled employment responsibilities with little supervision. The position required interaction with the public, as well as the ability to liaise between different departments. Success was dependent on strong communication and interpersonal skills.

I am happy to act as a reference for Ms. Fortaleza and can speak to her customer service skills, work ethic, computer literacy, and professionalism. Please feel free to contact me should you require further information.


Aileen D. Sanvara
General Manager


Sample Recommendation Letter

October 19, 2007

Engr. Randy D. Santiago
ABC Construction Firm
Malibay, Manila

Dear Engr. Santiago:

The bearer of this letter, Engr. Ronald D. Escaler, was graduate Bachelor of Science on Civil Engineering and need of a possible position in your company.

I have known Engr. Escaler for 5 years now since he is a good friend of mine. He had a six month on the job training at BAESA Construction Company. I believe that he is capable of working in your company with excellent skills. I am sure that he will be an asset to your company.

I hope for your favorable response. Thank you.


Engr. Joseph R. dela Cruz

Canteen Improvement Recommendation Letter

June 20, 1998

Dr. Ronald Valencia
University President
Pilar State University

Dear Dr. Valencia:

An inspection visit at the university at the ABC University was conducted by Dr. Juan Vergara, Medical Officer II and Ms. Olivia Cortes, Nurse I, last June 15, 1998, and during such visit, it has been observed that although some of the recommendations given by the team last year were heeded and implemented, there are still rooms for improvement at the canteen, to wit:

  • The Comfort Room (CR) must be provided with a roof or a top enclosure of any kind, plus an exhaust fan, to prevent the emission of odor, especially at the dining area of the canteen;
  • Empty bottles and boxes should be discarded at once, while stocks, especially food stuff, must be stored in a place which is out of sight of canteen customers;
  • Construction of shelves and cabinets for kitchen utensils, such as casseroles, cooking pans and other cooking equipments;
  • Weekly general cleaning; and
  • The kitchen should likewise be provided with an exhaust fan
  • Uncooked fish balls, quekiam, and the like must be placed in plastic wares with cover;
  • The kitchen must be provided with an adequate storage area with shelves and cabinets; and
  • Installation and construction of tiles at the floor area for sanitary and aesthetic effects

Our main concern is the upliftment of the health and sanitary conditions at the university in order to prevent the occurrence of diseases among students and other users of the canteen, so the immediate implementation and compliance with the above measures are hereby recommended.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Juan Vergara
Medical Officer II

Sample Letter of Recommendation

September 12, 2001

Mr. Juan dela Cruz
Total Merchandizing Inc.
Dinalupihan, Bataan

Dear Mr. dela Cruz:

Please meet my friend, Laarni Enriquez, the bearer of this letter, who is in need of a possible position in your company.

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Accountancy at Letran University.  She also had a six months on the job training at PLDT Balanga.  She develops self confidence in dealing different types of people. I believe that she is capable of working in your company with excellent skills.

Thank your for your courtesy.

Sincerely yours,

Jose Delgado