Manager Resignation Letter

August 25, 2001

Ms. Yolanda Napoles
AMD Food Express
Sta. Rosa, Pilar, Bataan

Dear Ms. Napoles:

I would like to file irrevocable resignation letter from my position as Manager for AMD Food Express effective August 30 due to personal reason.

I have really enjoyed working with your company for over the past two (2) years and appreciate your guidance and kindness during my stay.

Please let me know if you need my help during this transition and I am wiling to do whatever assistance I can give.

Respectfully yours,

Rowell D. Alvarez

Approve Recommendation Letter

January 19, 2008

Ms. Rosemarie D. Tampipi
Director, Student Services
Office of the Guidance and Admission
Pilar State University

Dear Ms. Perdio:

Thank you for giving us an update on the grades of our twelve scholars under the Total (Philippines) Corporation Scholarship Program.

We are pleased to know that most of them performed well for the first semester of SY 2008-2009.  However, we regret to learn that another scholar, Mr. Juan Manansala, failed to meet the requirements of the program and will have to be dropped from the roster of scholars.

In this regard, we would like to approve your recommendation that Mr. Aron Villaflor replace the slot of Mr. Manansala.  However, effective next school year, we will no longer fill in the slots of the scholars who will fail to comply with their academic requirements.  We look forward to the successful completion of the program by all our scholars.

Thank you and best regards.

Very truly yours,

Chichay Pascual

Marketing Supervisor Recommendation Letter

January 10, 2005

Mr. Enrique L. Reyes
Mitsumi Phils Inc.
Subic Bay, Olonggapo

Dear Mr. Reyes:

Ms. Jocelyn Almeda is a good friend of mine. She has worked under my supervision at Avon Cosmetic Company for about five (5) years.  She has strong personality that makes her a good marketing supervisor.  She is very effective in handling old accounts and also succeeded in bringing more new accounts.

In addition, Ms. Almeda is a hard working employee and always gained the respect and friendship of all her superiors and co-employees.  I am really happy that your company has offered her the position of Marketing Supervisor and I am sure that she will me effective in this position.

Sincerely yours,

Diana Santos

Supervisor Recommendation Letter

January 12, 2005


Ms. Julie Carriedo
ABC Enterprising
Gungab St. Sta. Monica

Dear Ms. Carriedo:

I would like to recommend Mr. Alwin Ongkingco since he worked for me for six years under my supervision at Procter and Gamble Corporation.  He always displayed good attitudes and resourcefulness expected of a good supervisor and leader.

Mr. Ongkingco is a hardworking employee and has gained the respect of all those who worked with him.  I am happy that your company has offered him the position that he always loved. I am sure that he will be effective in this position.

Very truly yours,

Eros Diomedes
ALCC Manager

Sample Recommendation Letter

June 25, 1980

Dr. Leo Jhocson
Executive Vice President
National University
M.F. Jhocson, Sampaloc, Manila

Dear Dr. Jhocson:

I can sincerely recommend Ms. Nora Lim of 1123 G. Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila who has applied for the position of an executive secretary in your institution.

During the three years that she was with me I found her work very neat, careful, and accurate.  In fact, I can truthfully say that she is one of the best secretaries I have employed.  She has a good knowledge of shorthand and typewriting, and an excellent general background, which make her all the more valuable for an executive position  She is enthusiastic about whatever tasks she is performing and is willing to devote as much time and energy as is necessary to have things done to perfection.

I think you will find Ms. Lim a valuable helper.  I myself am very sorry to lose her, but as she wised to enter a broader field, she gave up her position with me.

If I can supply any further information, I shall be glad to do so.

Very truly yours,

Eileen Fernandez
Personnel Manager

Introduction and Recommendation Letter

June 2, 2004

Dr. Isabel Santiago
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Philippine Christian University
Taft Avenue, Manila


This is to introduce to you Miss Erlinda Rosal who recently obtained her MS in Chemistry from the Philippine Women’s University.  Miss Rosal, also obtained her bachelors degree major in Chemistry from the same university.

As a student, Miss Rosal was well respected by her professors and classmates.  Her work in the Chemistry Department of the graduate and undergraduate school was excellent and I believe that she can be an excellent teacher.

Miss Rosal would like to apply in your university.  I would appreciate it very much if you could give her a position in your university. I assure you that she will be an asset to you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marikita Uy
Chair, Chemistry Dept.

Recommendation Letter for Teacher Education Program

May 10, 2004

Ms. Erlinda M. Santos
EFG Learning Centre
475 Pasay City, Paranaque

Dear Ms. Santos:

I am pleased to recommend Merecel Navarro for admission to the Teacher Education Program.  She was my student in English class, and she proved to be a diligent student.

Because of her hard work, she consistently got a high score on all the examination and problem sets. During her stay in our school, I should say that she has good leadership ability and has initiative to organize a class review before examination. And students told me that every session is very helpful to them.

I believe that Ms. Navarro’s strong academic abilities make her a very strong candidate for the Teacher Education Program.  Please contact me if there is anything else I can do on her behalf.


Renata M. Rofee

Letter of Recommendation – Accounting Assistant

November 12, 2001

Mr. Roderick Santos
SANZ Accounting Firm
Dinalupihan, Bataan

Dear Mr. Santos:

Ms. Angelique Sanchez has been in our employ for two years.  She worked in our firm as accounting assistant.

Ms.Sanchez proved to be efficient and hardworking.  She got along well with her co-workers.  She had to leave our firm to search for greater challenges.

We are sure that Ms. Sanchez will be an asset in your firm.

Truly yours,

Gorgonio Heras Jr.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Masteral Program

May 09, 2012

Andong National University
1375 Gyeongdong-Ro, Andong-Si
Gyeongsangbuk-do, 760-749 South Korea

Through: Prof. HYUNG-SEOP SHIN
Department o Mechanical Design Engineering

Re: Recommendation for BPSU Faculty Members

Greetings of peace and gratitude!

While it is true that our academic institution provides our students with quality education to prepare them for global competition, it is also the thrust of the University to ensure that the in-service education of its faculty and employees will further harness their potential so that they may be up-to-date and more effective in the performance of their respective functions.  This is partly the reason for the academic partnership forged between your University and the Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU).

For the upcoming September 2012, two faculty members of the BPSU College of Engineering and Architecture, Engr. Arman Ray N. Nisay and Brian J. Tuazon, wish to enroll in your esteemed institution’s Masters in Mechanical Design and System Engineering.

Both have shown satisfactory performance as college instructors.  Their unquenchable desire to continually improve their craft as educators prompted them to seek opportunities that would further improve their capabilities knowledge; thus, their decision to enroll in the said graduate program.

With Republic of the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education and Department of Budget and Management strictly implementing the rules on faculty qualification and alignment, Engineers Nisay’s and Tuazon’s willingness to acquire a master’s degree shall not only benefit them professionally and personally, but will also help BPSU achieve its goal of maintaining an impressive roster of faculty members.

It is hoped that this endorsement effectively aids both applicants to secure slots in the Masters program at ANU.  We wish you the best, and may we all continue to be used for the delivery of quality higher education to our Asian youth.

Very truly yours,

Delfin O. Magpantay
University President

Job Recommendation Letter

November 17, 2001

Pedro Castro
AMD Enterprises
Angeles, Pampanga

Dear Mr. Castro:

This letter is serves as a recommendation for Ms. Aiza Herrera.

Ms. Herrera worked with me at Hannah Bee Incorporated for 8 years.  She is a hard-working employee and knows how to get the work done successfully.  Also, she has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.  She was highly respected here by her colleagues and customers.

I strongly recommended her to a position of executive secretary.  I am sure that she will be a great asset to the company.  I will be happy to provide further information about Ms. Herrera, please feel free to give me a call.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Joseph L. Villanueva