Payment Failure Notice Letter

September 25, 2005

Mr. Abner Bartolome
AVL Subdivision, Albay City

Dear Mr. Bartolome:

Good day!

Your credit card has been processed for $25.95 and was declined and your payment is now considered overdue. Please pay all outstanding invoices within 15 das of the invoice due date to avoid service interruption. Late payments that are paid late may require further action.

This letter serves as a notice letter and we will wait you in our nearest payment center. Please pay your outstanding balance immediately.

If there is any problem, don’t hesitate to phone us and let us know.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Anna Mhay Pacaycay

Broken Monitor Adjustment Letter

April 10, 2001

Mrs. Juana L. Magpantay
Lot 1 Blk 3 Sta. Rosa Village

Dear Mrs. Magpantay:

Good day!

I would like to inform you that we already sent by prepaid express the replacement of broken monitor.

Thank you for bringing this mishap to my attention so that I can fix it immediately. The damage is already noted on the express receipt.

I hope this may not affect our business relationship. We make it sure that it may not happen again.

Sincerely yours,

JC Navarro

Authorization Letter Billing Statement

Authorization Letter Billing Statement

October 25, 2003

Ms. Remy del Rosario
Villa Real Properties and Development
Malate, Makati

Dear Ms. del Rosario:

I would like to authorize my brother, Elerson R. Santos to request the change of billing statement to my name. My brother will be responsible for all matters relating to my newly bought condo unit which includes the signing of all documents and changing of billing statement to my name.

My brother will bring his identification card as well as all necessary documents for your verification.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question about this change. I am happy to answer your queries.

Sincerely yours,

Edwin R. Santos

Cancel Order Letter Acknowledgment Letter

October 11, 2001

Ms. Josephina Foronda
AVL Enterprise
Makati City

Dear Ms. Foronda:

Good day!

This letter is serve as an acknowledge receipt of you letter of October 9 in which you cancel your purchase order number 25148.

For this cancellation, I am very sorry for the misunderstanding and have taken necessary action regarding this matter to ensure that a problem does not occur again.

Please accept our sincere apology regarding this matter. Your satisfaction is one of our primary concern.

Sincerely yours,

Christine D. Velosa

Sample Intent Letter – Franchise

October 11, 2008

Mr. Joseph Yokanawa
Franchise Manager
Stregato Ice Cream Parlor
Caloocan City

Dear Mr. Yokanawa:

This is to express my interest to apply for a franchise of Stregato Ice Cream Parlor. In this regard, I would like to know the franchise details as well as the requirements.

I am willing to submit all necessary documents as your requirements for the Franchise of Stregato Ice Cream Parlor.

I am looking forward to submit myself to the screening as part of your approval process for the Franchise operation.
Thank you and more power.

Sincerely yours,

Stefhanie D. Roxas

Scholarship Application Letter

April 21, 2001

Ms. Rowena Pantaleon
Scholar Coordinator
Bantan Munti, Surigao City

Dear Ms. Pantaleon

I am Lexine Anne Laxamana and I am applying for Scholar ng Bayan Program because of our financial hardship. My father is a pedicab driver and he is the only one who is working for us. I am the eldest among my two brothers.

I want to pursue my college and want to be a teacher. It has always been my passion to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. Also, I believe that teacher is a noble profession that’s why I really love teaching. During summer class, I accept tutorial to have extra income for my family.

I graduated from Pilar Academy with honors. I was an active student at my high school and got involved in many extracurricular activities that the school offered.

I know that you will received many application for this scholarship fund, I just hoping that you will consider my application and allow me to fulfill my dream of being a teacher. I am looking forward for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Lexine Anne D. Laxamana

Teacher Re-application Letter

April 25, 2001

Dr. Jose Veloso
College President
Zamboanga City

Dear Mr. Veloso:

I would like to re-apply as Science teacher of this school. With one year in this school, I have tried to be a good teacher, I believe that I am qualified to all your requirement. I also taken up Masteral degree at La Salle University.

I will do all my best to motivate my students and I will impart my knowledge that will help them to develop their skills, talent and attitude. Also, I see to it that my students will maximize their full potentials.

I am looking forward of meeting you once more for my final interview.

Sincerely yours,

Mikaela Labrador

Notice Sample Letter

October 20, 1998

Reynaldo Mendez
Lote St. Sampaloc, Manila

Dear Mr. Mendez:

We would to inform you that your account is already arrears $3,500. It seems that you forgot to pay us.

Your account will be closed and service will be disconnected and cancelled if we do not receive payment in full by October 31. We also consider forwarding this matter to our collection agency. Attached herewith are the copies of outstanding invoices.

Please coordinate with us within the next five business days to explain how we can resolve this matter.


Celeste L. Navarro
Finance President

Encl: Invoices dated July – September, 2008

Job Application Follow up Letter

April 23, 2001

Mr. Juan dela Cruz
Malabang Village
Caloocan City

Dear Mr. dela Cruz:

Good day!

I am Josephina Rodrigo who submitted a letter of application and resume this month for the Account Executive advertised in your site but I have not heard from your office and would like to confirm receipt of my application.

I am really interested in working at Asia Ltd. I know that I am qualified for the position. My skills and experience match with your company requirements.

I am willing to resend my application materials or provide any further information you might need regarding my candidacy. You can contact me at 0912512145 or delacruz@gmail.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Josephina Rodrigo

Photographer Resignation Letter

September 28, 2001

Ms. Milay Bernardo
Personnel Manager
Marvel Corporation

Dear Ms. Bernardo:

This letter serves as my resignation from my position as Photographer effective October 15, 2001.

I already accepted the position of Creative Manager with Photogenic Center in San Fernando, Pampanga.

I have enjoyed working for your company, Marvel Corporation for the past five years and I appreciate your guidance and understanding during my service. I am willing to provide training for whoever take my current position.

Once again, thank you for your undying support with your employees like me.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Padilla

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