Sample Business Apology Letter

October 22, 2007

Ms. Leny R. Santos
RME Construction Firm
Ruiz St. Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dear Ms. Santos:

We are sorry that the shipment of merchandise with purchase no. 211 that you received last October 20, 2007 was damage. We know you disappointment and appreciate the inconveniences this must have caused your company.
Customer has to right to demand whenever that the product we shipped did not meet the very high standards have come to expect.

We already brought in additional staff to speed up the production of a replacement order and guarantee its delivery by the end of this week. Also, we ask our shipper to pick up the defective merchandise prior to delivery of the new shipment so that you are able to free up your warehouse space.

I apologize for our mistake and regret any inconvenience. I assure you that it will never happen again and promise to deliver only the highest quality standards of our merchandise.

Thank you for usual understanding.


Michael Tan
General Manager

Wrong Amount Apology Letter

January 23, 2009

Mrs. Elaisa D. Macabenta
Sta. Rosa Hills
Quezon City

Dear Mrs. Macabenta:

I would like to apology for the incorrect charge in your account by our accounting clerk. We already correct her mistake and send you a copy of your invoice of January 15, 2009.

In this regard, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by our employee. We will ensure that it will not happen again.

Thank you for your usual understanding.


Sherly R. Santos

Behavior Apology Letter

April 22, 1985

Mrs. Belen R. Macaspac
#52 Macopa Street.
Quezon City

Dear Mrs. Macaspac:
This letter serves as my apology for what I have said yesterday. My behavior was very inappropriate, lack of respect and immature. It is really a disruption and distracted to others.

I feel so embarrassed towards my behavior but I learned that nobody appreciated my poor behavior.  I will adjust my behavior befitting the environment and situation to the future.

Again, I am sorry for my misconduct and actions and I hope we can put this matter behind us. I am looking forward of working with you.

If you have any thought regarding this matter, please feel free to share with me. You can contact me at (012)425-5211 at your convenience time.


Gretta Buenavista

Sample Apology Business Letter

September 12, 2003

Ms. Amor D. Powers
Power Corporation
Punta Verde Manila

Dear Ms. Powers:

Good day!

We are sincerely sorry for what happen to our shipment. We understand your disappointment about what happened and found out that our purchaser had error delivering your merchandise. We already shipped the right merchandise with purchase order no. 4125 and expect to receive this merchandise tomorrow morning.

The merchandise we shipped did not meet your expectation that is why we promise that it will not happen again. We also make our merchandise meet the highest standard in the future because we want to delivers the best.

We also hired additional staff to check and guarantee that our merchandise will be on highest quality and ships it correctly. Again, I apologize for our mistake and regret any inconvenience caused as a result.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to minimize your inconvenience regarding this matter.

Very truly yours,

Claudia L. Buenavista

Sample Apology Letter for Erroneous Bill

September 12, 2004

Mrs. Lena Hugo
San Marcelino Subd.
Paranaque City

Dear Mrs. Hugo:

Good day!

I would like to apologize for the inconvenience made by our accountant.  Due to her tons of workload, she was not able to double check the bill that was sent to you last September 5. This bill is not correct; you have charge an extra Php585.

In this regard, we will correct it by crediting this amount to your account. If you have any clarification regarding this matter, just call me anytime.

Once again, please accept our sincere apology.

Sincerely yours,

Malou L. Cabrera

Erroneous Charge Apology Letter

September 13, 2003

Ms. Lou Chae
Santiana St.
Pasay City

Dear Ms. Chae:

Our bank has already corrected the mistake by crediting today your account number 2584-4157-4757 for $35 as shown in the enclosed record.

We would like to apologize for the erroneous service charge of $35 made against your dollar savings account.  Sorry for the inconvenience caused by computer malfunction.

Let us know always if there is any question regarding your account.

Respectfully yours,

Christina D. Gonzales

Sample Apology Letter

December 10, 2001

Ms. Zenaida D. Sandoval
Blue Mountain Subd
Orani, Bataan

Dear Ms. Sandoval:

We would like to apology for any difficulty in your business.  Our accounting department has a mistake in your statement of account and we are trying to resolve it.

We will mail today your new statement of account. We are now researching the cause of the error or mistakes to make sure that it does not happen again.  However, in the future statements, please contact us if there is an error or correction and we will happy to resolve it immediately.

Thank you for your full cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Princess Mira

Apology and Adjustment Letter Sample

March 19, 1980

Mr. Nonato S. Villanueva
Chief, Purchasing Division
Bataan Brokerage Corporation
Ayala Avenue, Makati
Metro Manila

Dear Mr. Villanueva,

We would like to apologize for the trouble we have caused because of our mistake regarding your order last March 11, 1980.

Immediately upon receiving your letter,  I made the necessary adjustments.

I have instructed our Delivery Section Chief to pick up at your office the diodes and electrolytic capacitors and to replace them with the right ones.  Again, I would like to apologize for our mistake.

Very truly yours,

James Rogers
Sales Manager

Broke Windscreen Apology Letter

September 12, 1991

Mr. Xiam Lim
Villa Lina Subd.
Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Mr. Lim

I would like to make an apology because it was unfortunate that my nephew broke the windscreen of your car while playing hide and seek since your card is parked outside our house.

I would be glad to get a new windscreen at my cost and I may assure you that it will not happen again.

Once again my sincere apologies.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Zenaida Macaspac