Canteen Improvement Recommendation Letter

June 20, 1998

Dr. Ronald Valencia
University President
Pilar State University

Dear Dr. Valencia:

An inspection visit at the university at the ABC University was conducted by Dr. Juan Vergara, Medical Officer II and Ms. Olivia Cortes, Nurse I, last June 15, 1998, and during such visit, it has been observed that although some of the recommendations given by the team last year were heeded and implemented, there are still rooms for improvement at the canteen, to wit:

  • The Comfort Room (CR) must be provided with a roof or a top enclosure of any kind, plus an exhaust fan, to prevent the emission of odor, especially at the dining area of the canteen;
  • Empty bottles and boxes should be discarded at once, while stocks, especially food stuff, must be stored in a place which is out of sight of canteen customers;
  • Construction of shelves and cabinets for kitchen utensils, such as casseroles, cooking pans and other cooking equipments;
  • Weekly general cleaning; and
  • The kitchen should likewise be provided with an exhaust fan
  • Uncooked fish balls, quekiam, and the like must be placed in plastic wares with cover;
  • The kitchen must be provided with an adequate storage area with shelves and cabinets; and
  • Installation and construction of tiles at the floor area for sanitary and aesthetic effects

Our main concern is the upliftment of the health and sanitary conditions at the university in order to prevent the occurrence of diseases among students and other users of the canteen, so the immediate implementation and compliance with the above measures are hereby recommended.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Juan Vergara
Medical Officer II