Company at Fault Adjustment Letter

September 28, 1997

Mr. Paul Denlinger, Manager
Baker Memorial Hospital
Television Services
501 Main Street
Springfield, OH 45321

Dear Mr. Delinger:

Thank you for your letter regarding your order for nine TR-5771-3 tuners  We have shipped the correct tuners by United Parcel; you should receive them shortly after you receive this letter.  I have also cancelled your original order so that you will not be sent overdue notices and so that we can charge you at our preferred-customer rate.

Please accept our apologies.  Evidently a dock worker failed to see your letter in the package, and it was sent to our Rebuilt Parts Department.  That is why your note did not come to the attention of our Parts Manager.

To prevent further inconvenience, please send any future packages directly to Mr. Gene Smith, Parts Manager at our Newark facility.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.


Susan Siegel
Assistant Director