Customer at Fault Adjustment Letter

September 28, 1998

Mr. Fred J. Swesky
7811 Ranchero Drive
Tucson, AZ 85761

Dear Mr. Swesky:

Thank you for your letter regarding the replacement of your KL-71 television set.

You said in your letter that you used the set on an uncovered patio.  As our local service representative pointed out, this model is not designed to operate in extreme heat conditions.  As the instruction manual accompanying your new set states and our engineers confirm, such exposure can produce irreparable damage to this model.  Since your set was used in such extreme heat conditions, therefore, we cannot honor the two-year replacement warranty.

However, we are enclosing a certificate entitling you to trade-in allowance equal to your local GTI dealer’s markup for the set.  This means you can purchase a new set from the dealer at wholesale; provide you return your original set to the local dealer.

Sincerely yours,

Susan Siegel
Assistant Director

Sample Adjustment Letter – Unsatisfied Service

May 20, 1994

Mrs. Fely Santos
Paroba, Cabcaben
Mariveles, Bataan

Dear Mrs. Santos:

We regret very much that you were troubled to write your letter of May 18 regarding the proofs of your son’s portrait.

After careful examination of the six proofs, I am convinced that they are not worthy of so good a subject as your young son.

That these proofs, Mrs. Santos, do not measure up to your expectations of our service is explained by the illness of Mr. Herrera at the time of your sittings.  When you made the appointment, he was not ill.  After an absence of three weeks, he is again with us.

Mr. Herrera specializes in children’s portraits.  During his enforced absence, however, a colleague did his best with children, but I assure you that we can now make a better portrait of your son.

Under the circumstances we are glad to suspend our regulation of one set of proofs for each patron.  We invite you to call at our studios again.  By visiting us on or before Saturday, May 22, you will be assured of an artistic portrait for the holy week.

Sincerely yours,

Shamma Valencia

Adjustment Letter – Machine Work Charge

December 5, 2006

Mrs. Richelle M. Santos
415 Apartelle Gold St.
Paranaque, Manila

Dear Mrs. Santos:

Thank you for your letter of November 30 in regard to our work on machine 2085-DM.

Apparently there has been a misunderstanding concerning our charge of Php589 for this work.  The charge was not for reconditioning the machine, but was made for adding certain extra parts to adapt it for your special needs.  You will recall that when we were discussing the alteration of the machine, you agreed to assume a charge of Php589 in the event that the changes which you suggested did not prove satisfactory.

As a matter of fact, we had to build more parts than we anticipated, the cost of which – including material, labor, and overhead- amounted to Php245.  Moreover, these special parts, which represent Php185 more than the specified amount, cannot be used by us or sold to any other customers.

We are quite sure that with this explanation you will understand the charge of Php589, and will authorize a check in payment.  Our invoice should, of course, have made the details clear.

Sincerely yours,

Michelle L. Bugarin

Adjustment Letter – Damage Linoleum

Ms. Ruth Reyes
Villa Lina
Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Ms. Reyes:

Certainly the linoleum which you recently purchased from us should not be showing signs of wear.  Thanks for your letter of the 20th telling us about it.

The sample that you sent in has been forwarded to our laboratory for an analysis, and when this is completed, which will be within a few days, you will hear from us.

It is part of our service to give you the best merchandise for your money, and if you have some linoleum that is not up to standard in quality, we will gladly replace it.

In the meantime, if you are in need of any merchandise, we shall be glad to take care of your orders.  Because our prices are so low right now, this is a good time to purchase as many of your needs as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Sherwin Mendoza

Adjustment Letter Sample

August 10, 1986

Ms. Annabelle dela Fuente
Roxas Subd.
Ayala, Makati

Dear Ms. dela Fuente:

We are glad you wrote and gave us opportunity to make any necessary adjustment to your Waterman’s gift pen so that it will give you the writing satisfaction millions of other Waterman’s users experience.

Rather than inconvenience you by asking to send your pen to us, may we make this suggestion.  Many instances of leaking are caused by incomplete filling of the pen.  When the pen is almost empty, the great amount of air in the barrel will expand and force a few drops of ink out.

Be sure that these “almost empty periods’ are kept few and far between, by making certain that your pen is completely full at each filling.  Keep the entire nib under ink for the count of ten, after you snap the filling lever back into place  Give your pen a good big drink of Waterman’s ink.  Then at the first sign of ink flowing heavily again, refill – and you should have no repetition of the trouble.

If these simple instructions do not help – if something is actually wrong with your pen – by all means send it to us at our main office in Manila.  We’ll be glad to give it our thoro and complete attention.

Sincerely yours,

Alona L. Dy

Adjustment Letter – Damaged Glassware

April 10, 2004

Mrs. Erlinda L. Go
Rustan St.
Alfonso, Cavite

Dear Mrs. Go:

We are very sorry to learn from your letter of April 2 that the last shipment of glassware was damaged when you received it.

The Manila Railroad Company evidently were careless in handling this shipment, for we have their receipt showing that the merchandise was delivered at their freight house in good condition.  As you know, they will not accept breakable merchandise unless it is well packed.

Altho the breakage occurred after the shipment left our possession, we shall be glad to handle the matter for you.  If you will fill out the enclosed claim sheet, have it certified by your local shipping agent, and return it to us, we shall make claim against the railroad company.  This will relieve you of the trouble of collection from them.

Very truly yours,

Frederick S. Rueda

Claim and Adjustment Letter

June 20, 2001

Mrs. Fely S. Herrera
Lot 12 Blk. 5
Saint Bernard Subd.
Quezon City

Dear Mrs. Herrera:

Just send us the pair of shoes mentioned in your letter of June 16 and we shall be glad to credit your account with the $50 you paid for them.  We are indeed sorry that they do not fit.

These special sales are held with the understanding that goods bought at them may not be returned.  This provision is one of the reasons that we can offer goods at such very low prices.

Occasionally, however, a case like yours comes up in which an exception to the rule is warranted.  A heavier shoe for sports wear must be larger than one for dress purposes, and since this was not taken into consideration when you sent the order, we are glad to take the shoe back.

Please pack them in the box in which they came, and place my name on a card inside the box.  When they arrive, I shall at once see that your account is properly credited.

Sincerely yours,

Rodnel D. Navarro

Sample Adjustment Letter – Pink Blouse

January 25, 1996

Mrs. Rosemary Kho
Greenville Subd.
Sta. Cruz, Lubao, Pampanga

Dear Mrs. Kho:

A size 12 Pink Blouse is on the way by special express chargers prepaid.

We have rushed the exchange thru all departments so as to minimize the inconvenience caused you.

There is no earthly reason for such errors.  We spend considerable time in training even the extra help we employ during the holidays to eliminate any such occurrences.

And they don’t happen often… but when they do we correct them with all possible speed.

This No. CD212 blouse is one of our outstanding values.  We know your daughter will receive many compliments.

Please visit our store during your next trip to Manila.  In the meantime, we are enclosing a copy of our February Clearance announcement.  You can pick up these values by mail just as though you were personally shopping in our store.

We should like to hear from your.

Very truly yours,

Jellyny Mercado

Adjustment Letter – Subscription Time Magazine

February 12, 2001

Dear Mr. Errol

We sincerely appreciate your letter of February 5, and regret that we have caused you any inconvenience in connection with your subscription to the Time Magazine.

In reorganizing our records we have come to the conclusion, which may not exactly right, that your personal check dated January 02, 1998 in the amount of P4,200.00, paid your subscription from 1998 to 2000, but the clerk evidently gave you credit only February, 2001.  Therefore, we are sending you the back numbers from February, 2001 to the present issue, and dating your new subscription to run from March, 2001 to February 2002.

Our records show this now, and if this satisfactory with you, we shall consider the matter settled.

Very truly yoursm

Rodora Sherlock
Editor in Chief

Adjustment Letter – Customer Remedy the Difficulty

April 22, 1992

Mr. Geno Lipata
Arsenal, Limay, Bataan

Dear Mr. Lipata:

When a Quick Flash reel doesn’t work perfectly, we are glad to know about it.  This is one of our standard reels, and is guaranteed to give satisfactory service.

Your description of the trouble you are having seems to indicate that there is sand in the mechanism.  This is not serious, and can be remedied in a few minutes by a thorough cleaning.

In order the clean the reel, loosen the screws marked A and B on the enclosed diagram.  This allows you to remove the handle and to slip the mechanism out of the shell.

Dip the entire reel into gasoline, wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth, and put a few drops of light oil on the movable parts.  Then slip the other shell into position, replace the handle, and tighten the screws.

This cleaning is easily done, and it will save you the inconvenience of sending the reel to us ad being without it for several days.

We believe this simple remedy will solve your difficulty, but if it doesn’t and the reel is still unsatisfactory, please return it to us, and we will put it in perfect condition or replace it.

Sincerely yours,

Beverly  Smith