Letter of Instruction

September 1, 2004

Mr. Allen Martinez
No. 95 Malvar St.
Trancoville, Baguio City


We are sending you the llip-Tel Walkie-Talkie model B-2103 which you have ordered last August 10, 2004.  You have the right choice in choosing this Walkie-Talkie because of its features: it has a powerful speaker and microphone, its antenna is tough, safe and flexible, it has a morse code system and a flip cover for elegance and style.

Please be guided by our instructions regarding battery installation and operation of the unit.

Battery Installation

1.    Turn OFF the switch
2.    Open the battery compartment door at the back by a key.
3.    Insert 3 pieces of AA size battery into battery compartment.  Refer to the diagram for correct polarities (battery not included).
4.    Replace battery compartment door.

To Operate

1.    Turn the ON/OFF switch ON position.
2.    To test or transmit your message, pass and hold the PUSH TO TALK button.  Speak in a normal voice.
3.    Release the PUSH TO TALK button.  You will be able to hear the message being sent to you from the other unit,
4.    To transmit a Morse code signal, press and hold the PUSH TO TALK button and top the telephone pad to produce the desired code as shown on the flip apart.
5.    Turn the switch OFF after using.

We hope you will enjoy our product.

Very truly yours,


Robinson Chua

Instruction Letter – Membership

September 25, 2002

Ma.Celeste Lazo
Del Rosario St
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Ms. Lazo:

We are very pleased to present your new, machine-readable and tamper-proof  Social Security Identification card.  This card will help expedite processing of your applications for benefits and loans and speed-up inquiries on your entitlements as an SSS member.  It will also facilitate your transactions with banks, hospitals, health care providers and other government agencies.

Please take good care of your card.  Do not alter or laminate it and never allow others to use it.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you again.

Very truly yours,

President and CEO

Instruction Letter Sample – Copy Printer

February 15, 2001

Ms. Grace Sahilan
Orani Bookstore Marketing
Orani, Bataan

Dear Ms. Sahilan:

Congratulations!  You have just bought the best Copy Printer available in the market today.  The Gestetner 1425 has excellent features such as: wide range of reproduction ratios, a monocolor printing with optional drum units and two single originals can be printed on one sheet of paper.

To get the maximum versatility, we are sending you detailed instructions on the operation and care of this machine.

General Safety Information

  1. Always turn the machine off when you have finished printing for the day.
  2. When the machine will not be used for long periods, disconnect the power cord.

Precautionary Measures

  1. While printing, do not turn off the main switch.
  2. While printing, do not unplug the power cord.
  3. Keep corrosive liquids such as acid off the machine.
  4. Do not put anything except originals on the machine.
  5. Do not spill liquid on the machine.
  6. If you clean rubber parts with hygiene, wipe them with a dry cloth afterwards.
  7. Open and close the doors and covers softly.

If we can offer any additional information, please feel free to write or call us. (tel. no. (02) 589-2841.

Thank you

Very truly yours,

Edward Banzon