Progress Report Letter Style

February 17, 2005

Hon. Jejomar Binay
Mayor, City of Makati

Dear Sir:

In compliance with your instruction on March 7, 2005, we wish to submit to you our first progress report on the construction of a waiting shed along Ayala Avenue, Makati as follows:

1.    What has been planned for the present

The present plan is as follows:
Clearing of the site
Levelling of the ground
Laying out of waiting shed

2.    What has been accomplished to date

Work on this project began on January 16, 2005 with the clearing of the whole site.  The clearing work was finished on January 21.  On January 22, with one road roller and 2 laborers, the leveling of the ground was started and was finished on February 14.  On February 14, work was started on the laying out of parking roadways and driveways, and at the end of working hours on February 16, the whole site was completely leveled and laid out, so that starting tomorrow the constructions of the reinforced slab on the south portion could begin as scheduled.

3.    What is planned for the future

Starting on March 7, 2005 the schedule of work will include the following:

3.1 Construction of the concrete slab
3.2 Preparation of the forms
3.3 Pouring of concrete and related work

Very truly yours,

Engr. Nenet C. Graza
Supervising Engineer