Software Copyright Law Office Memorandum

To: Electronic Processing Department
From:  Dr. Manuel L. Cordova, CEO Director
Subject: Copyright Law and Software Programs
Date: January 12, 2003

This memorandum is serves as reminder to the policy regarding the illegal copying and use of commercial software.  Our company will be exposed to civil and criminal liability under copyright law if you and our employees will use unlicensed software programs.

You should not copy any program installed on your computer for any purposed without permission from the Computer Department. Also, you should not install any software programs onto your computer without proper verification that the company owns a license to cover that installation. In addition, you are also prohibited to download unauthorized software from the internet.

Any personnel or employee who caught to distribute and use unlicensed software is subject for termination from the company.

The above policy is strictly implement to make sure that you and the company are not exposed serious legal consequences.