Carpenter Application Letter

June 25, 2001

Ms. Athena L. Arthuz
HR Manager
East Wood International
Makati City

Dear Ms. Arthuz:

I would like to apply as carpenter to your company as posted in Daily Times Magazine issued this week.  I believe that I am qualified for the position.

As indicated in my resume, I am a trained carpenter and have 12 years of experience in constructing, installing and repairing structures and fixtures made of wood, plywood, metal and wallboard. My working experience taught me various carpentry task including planning compete projects from initial layout of final assembly or installation, works from drawings, sketches, and blue prints, constructing boxes, crates, doors, and door frames and repairing different types of metal office furniture and equipment.

For your more information, please refer to my enclosed resume.

I really appreciate your time take to review my application letter.


Bob Catley Santiago