Bank Loan Request letter

January 6, 2005

Mr. Renan Hielderenz
West East Bank
Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Dear Mr. Hielderenz:

I am client of West East Bank for eight (8) years and I have a savings and time deposit account since December 1997. My record shows that I have always maintained high deposits with your bank.
Presently, I am employed with Nueva Ecija State University as College Professor and I receive regular salary which is paid to the account I have opened with your bank.

I finally decided to purchase new home for my family therefore I am considering options for the funding I need to achieve our plan. I am considering apply for home loans in your bank.

Can I request your bank to provide me loan proposal which contains details about the loan such as interest rate, monthly mortgage payment, fees , etc. Enclose herewith is the quotation of house and lot we intended to buy.

If you need additional information, please kindly contact us. I hope to receive your loan proposal soon.

Very truly yours,

Madelaine L. Manzano

Loan Proposal Letter

January 12, 2002

Mr. Reynaldo D. Gil
Bank Loan Manager
East West Bank
Ortigas, Pasay

Dear Mr. Gil:

I am writing this letter to submit a loan proposal of Php 300,000 as an additional capital for setting up my own cafeteria.  I would like to set up my own business.  I already did my feasibility study of having a cafeteria or eatery in our place.

Based on my feasibility study, it will be possible to have cafeteria that offers a variety of foods including meals and snacks for everyone including students. I am enclosing my feasibility study as well other documents which contains a detailed requirement of funds for setting up a cafeteria. I am ready to mortgage my 280 sq. meters lot as collateral security for the loan.

Please inform me the possibilities of approving the loan proposal from your bank at the earliest.

Sincerely yours,

Michaela Maghirang