Transmittal Letter – Survey

October 12, 2007

Dr. Victor Lapuz
College Adminstrator
Pilar State University

Dear Dr. Lapuz:

Subject: Report on the first semester survey of scheduling classes

I have the honor to present to you the survey result of MWF two hour scheduling of classes votes from the sample you gave us for study last October 10, 2007.

I started the analysis last September 5, 2007 and finished on October 8, 2007. This survey consist of opinions of 50 instructors and 450 students our of the 15,000 population of the Pilar State University.

This was made possible through the help of student assistants in the College of Architecture.

I hope that this survey will be a great help to you.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth R. Lapid
Dean, College of Architecture