Letter of Transmittal

November 18, 1992

Professor John C. Doe
Department of English
University of Texas
Austin 12, Texas

Dear Professor Doe:

The accompanying report entitled “Joistile-Concrete Beams” is submitted in accordance with your instructions of October 10.

The primary purpose of the report is to present information about joistile-concrete beams for use in floor and roof construction.  An effort has been made to cover the subject thoroughly, including the development of joistile, its use and application in beams, investigations and tests of both joistile and joistile-concrete beams, and general specifications for the construction of tile-concrete beams and floor slabs.  The section on investigations and tests is limited to the most important and pertinent tests and results.

I wish to acknowledge the information and assistance given me by Mr. James Wood of the Greek Key Ceramics Association.

I sincerely hope that this report will meet with your approval.

Respectfully yours,

Edward Donaldson

“A sample transmittal letter taken from Technical Writing  Revised Edition by Mills and Walter”