Sample Appreciation Letter – Donation and Support

November 2010

Ma. Ethel Navarro
Del Rosario St.
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Ms. Navarro:

There are so many things I want to thank you for today.

Let me start with how you have become a lifesaver to the victims of Typhoon Juan in Northern Philippines. As you may well know, Typhoon Juan was the World’s strongest storm system this year, with winds reaching over 300 kph

As the typhoon was nearing landfall, Operation Blessing was already mobilizing resource to be able to deploy people and goods after the storm passed.

Because of your support, thousands of people were immediately given relief in the form of drinking water, beddings and food for a few days. OB’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Kim Pascual, personally supervised the efforts.

In Isabela Province, Doc Kim saw the destruction brought by the typhoon on 62 year old Mang Miguel’s house. When we met him, he was shivering from intense hunger. With tears in his eyes, he recounted what happened to him during and after the devastating storm. He was living alone and surviving with only a ganta of rice given by a neighbor.

The team immediately gave Mang Miguel the supplies he needed and volunteers from a nearly church also committed to help him rebuild his home.

I am also glad to let you know that we also celebrated the 15th anniversary of our missionary training arm, Asian Center for Missions. Thanks to you and so many others like you, thousands all over the world are hearing the good news of Jesus. Over 300 of our graduates are now in various foreign mission fields and serving the Lord of the Harvest.

Last month we also celebrated the 16th anniversary of CBN Asia! We had a modest celebration and recommitted ourselves to the Lord and His mandate to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom with more passion and determination.

My friend, your prayer and support for this ministry is enabling us to achieve greater things than ever before. May our Lord Jesus return to you in good measure all that you give – abundantly and immeasurably.

May God richly bless you!

In His name,

Peter M. Kairuz