Inquiry House Construction Letter

March 25, 2006

JCMER Home Builders
ABCD Building
Makati City

To whom it may concern:

I would like to inquire on your good office regarding the cost of house construction. We have a lot at San Mateo Village, Sta. Cruz, Manila with a 300 sqm lot area. We would like to build a two-storey house with 4 bedrooms and 3 comfort room.

I have attached the design of our dream house. Can you please quote our design and include the materials specification that your company will be going to use in your construction as well as the terms of payments.

I hope for your quick response regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Mercedes D. Soriano

House Construction Inquiry Letter

April 11, 2003

Merecel L. Navarro
JCMER House Builder
Sta. Rosa Village, Bataan

Dear Ms. Navarro:

I would like to inquire your good office about house construction of our bungalow house. The location of our lot is at St. Rose Subd. Orani, Bataan

The size of our lot is 200 sqm and we are planning to build a 120 sqm floor area high ceiling bungalow. In this case, we would like you to request a quotation. Attached herewith is our house perspective and sample floor plan.

I hope for your immediate response about this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Richard D. Valentos