Brief Letters of Inquiry

Brief letters of inquiry are made for the purpose of obtaining price lists, booklets, catalogs, samples, the names of dealers, the details of a time-payment plan, and other information.

Sample Inquiry Letter 1

Dear Sir:

I shall appreciate your sending me a copy of the Institute of Accounts Annual Catalog for the school year 1998.

Very truly yours,

Sample Inquiry Letter 2

To Whom It May Concern:

Please send me information about the various models and prices of Samsung TV SetsĀ  and about your Three Year Service Protection Agreement which you advertised in the May 5 issue of the Daily Inquirer.


Sample Inquiry Letter 3

Dear Ms. Herrera,

Will you kindly give me full information about your Summer Camping Outfit, No. 22; its price, its contents, and its delivery, not later than June 15.


Ref.: Effective Business Correspondence by Farol.