Appointment Letter

May 2, 1991

Mrs. Leonida Santos
Teacher III
National High School
Hi-way, Zamboanga City

Dear Mrs. Santos:

You are hereby appointed as Poll Clerk of the Board of Election Teller (BETs) in Precinct No. 14 and 15 with polling place located at Pilar State University in Barangay Sta. Rosa, Municipality of Pilar, Province of Zamboanga.

You are immediately assume office upon taking your oath as required by law.  However, this appointment will be automatically cancelled and considered null and void if you are related to any candidate or to any member of the Board of Election Tellers of said precinct/s within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.  In such case, you shall not assume the duties of the office and shall immediately return this appointment to the Election Officer.  Assumption to the office notwithstanding this prohibition is punishable under the law.
By Authority of the Commissions

Roland dela Cruz
Election Officer or representative of the Commission on Election

Sample Invitation Letter – First Quarter Technocon

February 28, 2011

Dear Fellow Mechanical Engineers,

Greetings!!! On behalf of the PSME Bataan Chapter, we are cordially inviting you to the Induction of Officers & Directors and 1st Quarter Technocon on March 5, 2011 (8AM) at Lou-is Resort and Restaurant in Balanga City, Bataan.

For the technical presentation, we lined-up the ff. special topics relevant to our profession:
1.    Boiler Design & Making by Ms. Sheryll Lim of Babcock-Hitachi Phils., Inc.
2.    Continuing Professional Education by Engr. Bayani Buesser, National Deputy VP – Internal Affairs
3.    Bataan Nuclear Power Plant by Engr. Roberto A. Lozada, 2002 National President

Please find attached Announcement and Program for your reference.

This assembly is best opportunity to reunite once again the past presidents, officers and peers who continually support and guide this organization.

Hope to see you there.

Thank you and God Bless.
Johnny L. Mateo
PSME-Bataan Chapter

Appointment Letter

April 10, 1993

Mr. Jose Gregorio
Pantalan, Orani, Bataan

Dear Mr. Gregorio:

I was glad to meet you at Rotary in Quezon City last Tuesday, and I enjoyed chatting with you about some of the problems of handling volume correspondence.

You promised to tell me more about how you have improved correspondent procedures in your offices and suggested that we get together for lunch on the 16th.  Unless I hear from you, may I assume that our appointment is still “on”?  I’ll plan to arrive at your office about 12:30

Truly yours,

Engr. Kristina Melanio

Employment Appointment Letter

March 20, 2004

Arch. Julia P. Ramos
College of Architecture

Dear Arch. Ramos:

You are hereby appointed as Dean of the College of Architecture effective April 1, 2004.  Your term of office will be for two academic years

Your duties and responsibilities will be as follows;
1.    perform supervisor and administrative functions over fifty faculty members of the college;
2.    prepare curricular programs before each semester;
3.    coordinate activities and projects of the faculty and students;
4.    prepare monthly reports to be submitted to the President of the University.
5.    preside over meetings of the college; and
6.    perform other duties as needed.

I look forward to a fruitful working relationship with you.


Yours truly,

Fr. Augusto dela Serna

Appointment Letter – Dean

June 2, 2002

Engr. Ramon Santos
Engineering Department

Dear Engr. Santos:

You are hereby appointed as Dean of the Engineering Department effective June 11, 2002.  Your term of office will be for two academic years.

Your duties and responsibilities will be as follows;

  1. perform supervisory and administrative functions over thirty faculty members of the college;
  2. prepare curricular programs before each semester;
  3. coordinate activities and projects of the faculty and students;
  4. prepare monthly reports to be submitted to the President of the University;
  5. preside over meetings of the college;  and
  6. perform other duties as needed.

I look forward to a fruitful working relationship with you.


Sincerely yours,

Angelita Agaloos

Sample Contract Letter – Appointment / Service Contract

June 03, 1998

Engr. Roland Cruz
Capitol Hills
Balanga City, Bataan

You are hereby hired and appointed as part-time lecturer of the Far College University (FCU), Balanga City, Bataan effective June 05, 1998.  You are to receive Three Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 350.00) per hour.  Your employment status is contractual and co-terminus with the assigned course.

It is understood that as a part-time lecturer hired by FCU, you are bound by the following classes:

1.    That you are to conduct the training for the specified course below:

Class Code:  DISMATH 241
Course: Discrete Mathematics
Days/Time: Tue., Thur., 5:00 to 9:00 pm
No. of Hours: 46 hours

2.    Your final salary will be released 10 days after the end of class upon submission of all the requirements mentioned in item no. 3.

3.    That you are to submit (a) Summary of grades, (b) Accomplishment class cards, (c) Coursework (Test and Assignments), and (d) Documents supporting the accomplishment of students.

4.    That all materials are confidential and not be brought out to the vicinity of the Center and should remain in the custody of the Academics Head.  That these materials are to be checked/processed within the confines of the center.  The Academic Head shall assign or provide the necessary personnel, equipment or materials for the part-time lecturer to accomplish the said documents.  Failure to submit the said requirements on time would forfeit the remuneration mentioned on this contract.

5.    It is understood that employment may be terminated within the period cited for the following reasons: (a) Unsatisfactory or below standard work performance; (b) Violation of existing company policies, rules and regulations, and (c) Reduction in workload.

6.    That you are required of finish the entire total number of hours of the training course as stipulated on your contract/appointment.  Should in any event you cannot complete the remaining part of the training period and to avoid any breach of contract on your part, you are required to submit letter of intent to the Academic Head at least two (2) weeks before the actual date you wanted to end your service, for FCU reserves the right to not grant your request for an end-of-service and you are required to continue with the remaining hours of the said training.

7.    Should in any event with the exception of force majure (“Acts of God”) you cannot fulfill your obligation, it shall be construed as a breach of contract on your part and FCU reserves the right to suspend stop and/or forfeit payment of hours already rendered by you.  This breach of contract is defined in the Philippine Civil Code and thus will be subjected to court of law in the city where the center resides.  Whatever expense incurred by FCU in such litigation shall be shouldered by you.

Finally, it is understood that his contract shall remain in full force and effect only during the period herein indicated.


Rosaline Mercado
HR Manager
Date: ______________

Engr. Roland Cruz
Part time Lecturer
Date: ______________

Appointment Letter Sample – Vice President

April 4, 2005

Dear Mr. Renzo Moran,

Because of your loyal service to my company, I have decided to appoint you as the new Vice President of URA Group of Companies.  I commend you for your professional efficient style of working.  Such would help in further enlarging this company and lead us closer to our targets.

Congratulations!  Keep up your good work.


Rodwart Steven