Sales Letter – Executive Business Phone

December 2, 2004

Mr. Cesario de Leon
58 M. Almeda St.
Pateros, Rizal

Dear Sir:

We dislike using superlatives, but these are some of the new exclamations that we have received at our public showing of the new Executive (Business Phone). It is sensational! Amazing! Fantastic!

These are some of the features:

  • Mega Memory.  Stores 98 names and numbers alphabetically in its memory.  Operates with last number redial and speed dialing
  • Powerful 50 minute talk time, 11 hour standby time with Standard 380 mAh Nicad battery.  With battery level indicator and low battery warning.
  • Lightweight. This compact unit weights only 185g.
  • Safe and Secure. Electronic lock facility with programmable lock code, emergency call override, call barring and memory locking.
  • User-friendly. Land and cumulative call time; wake-up and reminder message features, bring LCD display; Call in progress, call in absence, one-key answer, and programmable voice mail, earpiece volume control.
  • Multi-purpose. A fully features car phone, with hands free kit.  Data and fax transmission possible.

Network Features

Backed by world-proven TACS cellular technology that gives you the following:

–    Better Line Availability
–    International Roaming
–    Value-Added Features, such as
–    Teleconferencing
–    Call Forwarding
–    No Answer Transfer
–    Busy Transfer
–    Call Waiting

There is much more we could tell you about this phone, but you will just have to see and try it to believe it.  Why not call us today for a free demonstration of the executive phone.  Call us at telephone number 982-2953 or 934-0962.  You are under no obligation to buy.

Very truly yours,

GMA Merchandising Inc.

Delia S. David
Sales representative