Purchase Order Letter Sample

March 26, 1996

Mr. Arnold Enriquez
Star Paper Corp
Pasay City

Dear Mr. Enriquez:

Please accept this purchase order for the following:

112 gross Supberb Pencil, Grade F – Php. 3,000.00
25 gross Supberb pencils, No. 3 – Php 2,500.00
2 Oak Desk Trays, Letter Size No.17 – Php 2,000.00
10 doz. Star Transparent Tape, No. 2 – Php 2,600.00
3 m Gem Clips  – Php 450.00

TOTAL – Php 10,500.00

We require shipment by April 5, 1996 to:

Green Apple Inc.
Balanga City, Bataan

If this order cannot be processed as requested, please contact me at (047) 791-2911 at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,

Lanie Santos

Greeting and Thank you letter

October 12, 2001

Bato Balani Staff
West Avenue
Cubao, Quezon City

Dear Editor,

Greetings!  I am one of the avid readers of Bato Balani. I find your magazine not only educational but also very interesting.  Each issue of your magazine encourage me, as well as my classmates, to study hard on my Physics subject.

To the staffers of Bato Balani, keep up the good work!

Thank your for sharing valuable information through your magazine. More power!

Yours truly,

Manuel L. Marquez

Employment Appointment Letter

June 15, 2006

Engr. Rodrigo Mercedez
Santana Land
Abucay, Bataan

Dear Engr. Mercedez:

You are hereby appointed as Instructor I who with a Contractual Status at the Pilar State University with a compensation rate of Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand One Forty Five (Php 262,145.00) per annum.

This shall take effect on the date of actual assumption by the appointee but not earlier than the date of issuance/signing of the head of agency or the appointing authority.

Very truly yours,

Eduardo Paguio
Head of Agency

Donation Sample Thank you Letter

August 2009

Ethel Navarro
Del Rosario St.
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Ethel,

Thank you so much for watching our live TV special, “May Himala…. Maniwala!” and giving to the ministry of CBN Asia.  You join thousands of others who are believing with us that God’s miracle can happen to those who will choose to believe.

Please find enclosed the gift we have promised.  It is a small token of our appreciation and gratitude for your support that we know was spurred on by your faith in Jesus and His miracle-working power.

Your gift will benefit thousands who are waiting for their own miracle.  Even so, YOU are their miracle!  When you decided to give, you allowed yourself to be God’s channel for blessing His beloved ones.

Let me bless you even more by giving you this portion of Scripture:

He is like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers.  Psalms 1:3

You are like that tree!  You yield your fruit in season.  Whatever YOU do will prosper.  And the LORD will always return your investment in greater measure.  What a wonderful promise!

Again, I want to thank you for your partnership.  Thank you that you make it possible for CBN Asia and its Family of Ministries to become a shining light to many.  May God richly bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Peter M. Kairuz

Pledge Donation Sample Thank you Letter

November 2009

Ma.Celeste Navarro
Del Rosario St.
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Celeste,

Thank you so much for pledging a gift towards “Kapit-bisig sa Panahon,” our recent series of live TV programming! I am especially honored and grateful that you have fulfilled your pledge, even in the midst of these challenging times.  I know that God will honor and bless the seed of faith that you have sown today.

I hope that you will also find in good condition the gifts that we promised on the show.  I am extremely encouraged by your generosity, and am confident that our tokens of appreciation will be of much benefit to you as well.

Thank you for being obedient follower of Christ, as spoken of by the Apostle Paul in Timothy 6:18-19 (NLT):

Tell them to use their money to do good.  They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others.  By doing this they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life.

May God richly bless you!

In Christ,

Peter M. Kairuz

Sample Authorization Letter – Shipment

February 13, 1992

Mr. Juanito Fernandes
RED Enterprise
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Mr. Fernandes:

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Jugro Transport to act on my behalf in all manners relating to shipment of our merchandise, including signing of all documents relating to these matters. Any and all works carried out by Jugro Transport on my behalf shall have the same effect as acts of my own

This authorization is valid until further written notice from ABC Corporation.

Very truly yours,

Allan Soriano

Purchase Order Letter

June 10, 2001

Ms. Kaye Abad
Purchasing Department
DigiTech Inc.
Lubao, Pampanga

Dear Ms. Abad:

This is our order for the items below:

10 pcs. –  Intel® Pentium™ Dual Core T4400 (2.2GHz/800Mhz FSB/1MB cache) laptop
20 pcs. – Compaq Mini CQ10 series
20 pcs. – HP OfficeJet 6000Wireless Printer
10 pcs. – HP LaserJet P1005 Printer

Please ship as soon as possible.  Payment terms shall be COD.

Any questions regarding this order should be directed to our main office at telephone number (02) 941-1254 ext. 41,42 and 43.

Thank you for your prompt handling of our orders.

Very truly yours,

Girlie Mendoza

Nurse Application Letter

January 15, 1993

Dr. Luiz Fernandez
St. Jude Hospital

Dear Dr. Fernandez:

I have learned that you are in need of Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Please consider my application.

I am presently employed at St. Joseph Hospital as Clinical Nurse Specialist.  My three years experience with the tasks and responsibilities in the diagnosis and management of common medical condition such as chronic illnesses. I believe that I am qualified for the position.

Attached is my resume for your further reference.  I shall be available for a personal interview at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely yours,

Melissa Herrera

Letter Offering Scholarship

April 25, 2001

The Board of Trustees
East Asia College

Dear Sir/Madam:

As a means of giving greater encouragement to the engineering profession in our country, permit me to offer a Scholarship, consisting of Free Tuition for this semester to the best student in Chemical Engineering in the Sophomore year of the Far Eastern University.

This offer is also motivated by my desire to boost the administration of Dean Perez, for whom I have the highest regard and who is one of the outstanding engineers of our country today.

I shall be glad to hear from you regarding arrangements to be made on this matter.

Very truly yours,

Rommy Villar