Cancel Transaction Letter

July 12, 1998

Mrs. Jesusa L. Enriguez
Landing Subdivision
Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Dear Mrs. Enriguez

Good day Madam!

We would like to inform you that your transaction with our purchaser last July 5, 1998 has been cancelled.

The branch that Ms. Herrera has provided you has a delivery, however, every branch has a certain area that they can deliver to. Regret to say, that the are you have provided to us is no longer covered by the delivery of the said branch. Thus, there is a suggestion for the alternative pick-up area.

Just let us know if the said branch is convenient for you so that we can process your order immediately.  We really apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued patronage.

Very truly yours,

Ms. Gina L. Fraterna
Head Accountant

Health Assistance Letter

September 18, 2000

Mrs. Rosalinda Macaspac
Villa del Pilar Village
Pilar, Zamboanga City

Dear Mrs. Macaspac,

God’s grace and peace.

In our desire to be assistance for our students’ wellbeing and protection, we would like to inform you of the following health bulletin.

First, the Department of Health through the Rural Health Unit of Pilar is giving free ant-polic and anti-measles vaccination.  “Bakuna Para sa Polio/Tigdas” will be administered on or before September 30 at PSU Campus to students ages 3-6 who have not been vaccinated before.

On the other hand, a private medical group is offering flu vaccination for ages 3-18 years old and above.  It is not for free.  The Flu vaccine will cost Php700.  Your child and member of your family can avail this vaccine.  It will be administered on October 8 at PSU Clinic.

We hope you fund this beneficial. We will be waiting for your response on or before Wednesday, September 24, 2000.  Kindly fill out the Reply Slip for your confirmation.

Thank you for your trust.  God bless your family.

Sincerely yours,

Rose Anne Pizarro
School Administrator

Appointment Letter

May 2, 1991

Mrs. Leonida Santos
Teacher III
National High School
Hi-way, Zamboanga City

Dear Mrs. Santos:

You are hereby appointed as Poll Clerk of the Board of Election Teller (BETs) in Precinct No. 14 and 15 with polling place located at Pilar State University in Barangay Sta. Rosa, Municipality of Pilar, Province of Zamboanga.

You are immediately assume office upon taking your oath as required by law.  However, this appointment will be automatically cancelled and considered null and void if you are related to any candidate or to any member of the Board of Election Tellers of said precinct/s within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.  In such case, you shall not assume the duties of the office and shall immediately return this appointment to the Election Officer.  Assumption to the office notwithstanding this prohibition is punishable under the law.
By Authority of the Commissions

Roland dela Cruz
Election Officer or representative of the Commission on Election

Salary Request Letter

April 21, 2003

Ms. Annabelle Luna
Accounting Head
OMG Incorporated
Pasay City

Dear Ms. Luna,

Good day!

I would like to request your good office to please make our salary given on time.  Six month ago, we received a memo from your office that our salary will be given every 8th of the month and we agreed upon but  your staff is always late in giving our salary.

As head of the family, one of  my responsibility  is to pay  bills on time such as internet bills, phone bills and electricity bill. But if my salary is not given on time, I’m afraid that I’m not paying these bills on time.

I hope for your rapid action regarding this matter. Thanks for your usual understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Anna L. Rodrigues

Working Permit Request Letter

October 10, 2003

Mr. Amer Magmakaawa
Mcway Bldg. Saipan

Dear Mr. Magmakaawa:

This letter is serve as advise that Ms. Lissete D. Santos of Libertad St. Dumaguete City has been offered a position by our firm as Accountant which will start immediately upon her obtaining permanent residence or work permission in Saipan.

The position is full time and permanent.  Her salary will be at $250 per month which totals $3000 annually.

Attached herewith is his official employment contract. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Douglas Dowelman
Personnel Manager

Notice Letter Alert for Red Tide

September 12, 2001

Dear Shellfish Vendor:

Based on the results of red tide monitoring activities of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the Provincial Agriculture Office of Bataan, shellfish collected from Bataan Coastal Waters (Mariveles, Limay, Orion, Pilar, Balanga, Orani, Abucay and Samal) are now negative for the red tide toxin.  Negative results for Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) were obtained from three (3) consecutive weeks of sampling in the areas.

Therefore, the public hereby informed that shellfish harvested from Bataan coastal waters (Mariveles, Limay, Orion, Pilar, Balanga, Orani, Abucay and Samal)  in Western Samar are now safe for human consumption.  Likewise, gathering and/or harvesting, and marketing shellfish harvested from the above-mentioned are area now permitted.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the Provincial Agriculture Office of Bataan are continuously monitoring Bataan coastal waters to safeguard public health and to protect shellfish industry.

Drusila Esther Bayate
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

House Blessing Invitation Letter

August 25, 1994

Ms. Lorna Rodrigues
Limang Nayon Subdivision
Albay, Legaspi City

Dear Ms. Rodrigues:

Good day, I hope that you are in fine upon receiving this letter of mine.

We would like to invite you in the dedication of our home on September 14 at 3:oo in the afternoon at Lot 10, Blk 02 Buenavista Subd. Legazpi City near Katipunan High School.

Our complete address and a map of our new house are on the envelope containing this invitation letter.  I hope that there will not be any problem. We also provide service since we are arranging transportation for the entire guest.

We are looking for your presence as any journeys remain incomplete without loyal friends like you.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Santos

Phone Conversation Follow up Letter

October 12, 2001

Mrs. Leah Alonzo
STR Shoppe Trading
Orani, Bataan

Dear Mrs. Alonzo:

Good day!

During our phone conversation, we said that you already received our latest apparel catalog called elegance.

Elegance was designed and developed by our well trained designer and it is made of finest materials and 100% cotton for shirt and underwear.

I will offer you our products at a lower cost that expected if you place orders this early.  We also provide you with our free shipping and display samples.

I will keep in touch you in a few weeks to see which merchandise interest you this season.  In a while, if you have any question or queries, call me at 092145758214.

Thank you for giving us opportunity in doing business with you.

Sincerely yours,

Michelle Santos
Boutique Online Inc.

Pay Raise Request Letter

July 12, 2014

Ms. Joy Gatdula
HR Head
OMG Corporation

Dear Ms. Gatdula:

I have been working in your company for fourteen years now as Technical Assistant.  I started working in your company as Company Clerk on September 3, 1999 and promoted as Technical Assistant on October 19, 2000.

I believed that I deserve to have a suitable salary increase based on many years of stay as well as for my performance. I have done my job well and even worked overtime when needed. I have always punctual and very careful about my output.

Hoping for your favorable consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Luisa L. Bayno

Employee Christmas Bonus Letter

December 2, 2010

Mr. Noel Alvarez
Sta. Rosa Subd.
PIlar, Bataan

Dear Mr. Alvarez:


We would like to inform you that our Christmas will be merry because we already have our Christmas Bonus.  Your hardwork, patience and dedication to the company has made this truly happened.

Enclosed herewith is a check of amounting Php25000 as your Christmas Bonus.  It is a way of thanking you for your role in making 2010 the most successful and profitable year in the history of our company.

We just hope that we can expect the same favorable performance at work in the coming year.  We wish you merry Christmas and the best of everything.

Very truly yours,

Ronald Manle

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