Bank Account Authorization Letter

January 10, 2013

Ms. Chantal Mint
Account Manager
PST Bank
Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dear Ms. Mint:

Good day!

I would like to authorize Jc Mer Navarro, my personal account
manager to act on my behalf regarding my checking account number 256479464 as well as my business savings account number 859461154 while I am out of the country between the dates of January 15 to March 20, 2013.

If you have any question please contact me by phone prior to January 15, 2013.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Denise de Guzman

Claim and Complaint Letter Sample

October 28, 1998

Ms. Loidalyn L. Florinda
Purchasing Clerk
Home Depot Philippines
Pampanga City

Dear Ms. Florinda:

I was disappointed with my ordered, Hampton Bay Dining Furniture. It was ordered one week ago last October 21 with invoice number 201531. The shipment was arrived yesterday and I presume that it fulfills my specifications.

To my dismay, the color is not match with the one I ordered and the materials used are of inferior quality.

I am planning to return this dining furniture by express and shall expect to receive the correct item as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Marilou S. Castillo

Landline Payment Reminder Letter

January 12, 2001

Mrs. Loida D. Macaspac
Santillan Subd. Marcos Hi-Way
Balanga City

Dear Mrs. Macaspac,

Good day!

You may have overlooked your overdue balance of P898.65 for your Tattoo @Home / Globe Landline Acct No. 84527076198. Please settle this amount to enjoy continuous connection. We have implemented a minimal fee of P50.00 as late payment for every monthly bill that reflects overdue charges. You don’t have to worry about being billed for late payment fees if you pay promptly at any Globe Stores or other accredited payment facilities.

If payment has been made, please disregard this message and accept our thanks.

Thank you for choosing Tattoo@Home / Globe Landline.



Sample Parent Inform Letter

February 11, 2015

Marissa dela Rosa
Tangway St. Panilao, Bataan

Dear Mrs. dela Rosa

In line with the celebration of our Foundation Day and Family Day, ECS-PTF Officers will launch a Raffle Bonanza 2015. Raffle tickets that cost Php50.00 will be sold exclusively for ECS students only. Deadline of payment will be on February 16, 2015 (Monday).

Also, 10 lucky parents will have a chance to win Php 500.00 worth of Gift Certificate from Robinson Bataan to be drawn during Family Day celebration.

Thank you

Respectfully yours,

Leonida Salazar
PTF President

Payment Overdue Letter

January 12, 2008

Ms. Annaliza L. Santos
Choco Moco Subdivision
Pasay City

Dear Ms. Santos:

Good day!

Your invoice (45178122) with ABC Republic  is due. Please pay all outstanding invoices as soon as possible to avoid service interruption. If payment has not been received by tomorrow your account with us will be suspended, resulting in an interruption of service of the associated service.

Invoice ID    Product    Amount Due
45178122     SH-1338048     $9.95

To make payment, please log in with your email address and password at our site. You can complete payment by either card or Paypal on this page.
Best Regards,
Romulo L. Herrera

Loan Modification Sample Letter

October 26, 2001

Mr. Yhael Rodrigo
Account No. 12478963
Lot 1 Blk 12 Harvor Subd
Paranaque City

To whom it may concern:

This letter informs my difficult situation right now which caused me to fall behind on my mortgage payments.  So therefore, I would like to request for a loan modification to decrease my payments, fix my interest rate at a lower rate and recapitalize or forgive the delinquent payments so that I can prevent future delinquency.

My main goal now is to keep my home for the long term. I experienced hard times recently that why I fell behind on my payments because of my medical condition. Since that time, I was not be able update my payments. But now, I already my condition is improving and I can work full time.

Despite of my recent hardship, it is my own full intention to pay what I owe. Now that my situation are improving, I would appreciate your consideration to lower my payments, help me het caught back up, and fix the interest rate so that I can afford to stay in my house for the long term.

I hope for your understanding and help me to come up with a solution to resolve my current delinquencies and avoid problems down the road.

I really apologize for getting behind on my mortgage, but as you see my conditions have prevented my keeping with the mortgage.

Sincerely yours,

Yhael Rodrigo

Credit Forgiveness Letter

April 24, 2009

Mr. Robert Wataru
Credit Department
ABC Lending Investor
Rosevelt Morayta, Manila

Dear Mr. Wataru:

My name is Luisito M. Alberto with account number #4157533785.

This is to inform you of my current income from Government Assistance Program.  I am currently unable to work due to my health condition and as you will see my income is not enough for me to be able to make any payment towards my alleged debt at this time.

I would like to request that you forgive alleged debt as my condition prevents any employment, and my current and future income does not support any debt repayment.

Attached herewith is my doctor’s letter as well as my medical records.  Also, I include the copy of my income and a monthly expense sheet.

I hope for your understanding of my situation. Can you please respond to my request in writing to the address below at most possible time.


Luisito M. Alberto
#568 Santana Land
Antipolo City

Credit Offer Letter

October 10, 2014

Ms. Samantha Page
A&B Merchandising
Lot 12 Blk 30 Kalayaan Village
Pasig City

Dear Ms. Page:

I am glad to announce that we have opened a credit account for your company, account number [452147]. This is also one way of thanking you for making a part of your business.

I assigned you one of my employees, Ms. Analyn of purchasing department to provide you excellent service and to ease communication.  She will be responsible for your account and she can be contacted on her direct line which is (02) 458-9562.

Your credit terms will be 30 days from the date of invoice while your credit limit will be $5,000. If you have any question regarding this matter you can contact Ms. Analyn.

Thank you once again for being partner with us.

Sincerely yours,

Megan S. Legaspi
Store Manager

Waiver and Permit Agreement letter

August 10, 2001

Dear Sir/Madam:

Good day!

We would like to inform you that 5th year Mechanical Engineering student of Pilar State University will be having a plant visit this coming Thursday and Friday (August 12, 2001 to August 13, 2001) in various industrial and power plant here in Bataan.  The activity aims to give insights to the students regarding the actual processes as related to the course, Industrial Processes and Plant Inspection.

Here are the lists of Industrial and power plant included in this plant visit:
–    Department of Defense
–    Philippine Resins Industries, Incorporated
–    Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

In accordance to this plant visit, there will be a payment of Php 500 for the transportation including the fair to Subic, Zambales. We decide to include Subic, Zambales so the students can unwind for a while, to enjoy the remaining hours of the tour and toe make the most of the fee.

Thank you and God bless!

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Ronnie Macabenta
President, PSME – PSU
I have carefully read this waiver and permission agreement and understand the terms and conditions of it and agree to be bound thereby and give permission to my son/daughter to participate in this plant visit.
(signature over printed name)

Sample Inform Letter

January 5, 2001

Mrs. Janella Salvador
San Diego Subd.
Orion, Bataan

Dear Mrs. Salvador:

Good day!

Please be informed that your daughter, Jazmine Salvador  has  training tomorrow (Saturday) from 9:00 am to 3:00, faculty room.

The schedule of MTAP Math Challenge competition is on January 13 (Tuesday) at Orion Elementary School, 9:00 am.  Other details will be given to you on Monday.

If you have some questions/concerns, you may text or call me personally at 0925351467.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Rowena M. Zabala
School Coordinator

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