Loan Officer Application Letter

June 16, 2009

Mr. Roger Watanabe
Loan Manager
ABC Loan Agency

Dear Mr. Watanabe:

I would like to apply as Loan Officer in your company. My friend, Mr. Alexander R. Cruz, told me that there is Loan Officer vacancy.

My previous work was at Marcena Agency, my duties are processing client’s loan, meets client and explain to them the procedures of obtaining the loan and answering their queries. I also analyze the client’s financial status, credit and property evaluation to know possibility of granting loans.  In addition, I review and update credit and loan files.

I believe that I am qualified for the position.  I am also attaching my curriculum vitae for your reference and verification.

I am looking forward of seeing you at your convenience time to further discuss my qualification. You can reach me at 0921214514 or email me at rose@abc.com.


Rosemarie D. Inarte

Request Survey Letter Sample

September 12, 2003

Mrs. Bella D. Arellano
Blk. 02 Lot 18 Sunshine Subd.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Dear Mrs. Arellano:

At Read and Learn Bookstore, we are eager to provide excellent service by satisfying every customer’s need. We hope that you are enjoying your experience with us.

As part of our ongoing improvement process, we would love to hear from you. We would appreciate if you could take some of you time to answer a couple of survey questions attached here. We want to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and for helping us to improve our services.  Your answers and feedback will help us determine where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

Again, we appreciate your time and effort.

Best Regards,

Dominic R. Co

Passport Authorization Letter

May 12, 2009

To whom it may concern:

This letter serves to authorize the bearer, Ms. Rhona G. dela Cruz, to pick up my passport from Visa/Passport Collection Center on my behalf.

Ms. dela Cruz is willing to sign any documents pertaining to the claiming of my passport. Also, she will bring her identification card for your reference.

I hope for your consideration regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Ricardo G. dela Cruz

Sample Agreement

Supervision of House Agreement

This agreement is between Richard Oliver Cruz, owner of the house and Arch. Rodolfo D. Santos documents their intent to enter a formal professional relationship guided by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Arch. Santos will be the one who will supervise the construction of the house of Mr. Cruz
  2. He also provides labors for the following:
    a.    Masonry and Tiles works (house only) –   Php235,000.00
    b.    Steel works (Trusses and Grills) –  Php32,000.00
    c.    Electrical work(house and fence) – Php25,000.00
    d.    Carpentry Works (ceiling, Build in cabinet and kitchen cabinet – Php35,000.00
    e.    Painting – Php 37,000.00
    f.    Roofing Works (roof, gutter, spandrel ) –  Php20,000.00
    g.    Plumbing – Php14,000.00
    TOTAL —— Php 398,000.00
  3. He also help Mr. Cruz to buy materials for their house and taking care of the payroll of the people. In addition, Arch. Santos ensures that all the materials used are quality materials and approved by Mr. Ricafort.
  4. They agreed that Mr. Cruz will pay an amount of Php150,000.00 as payment of Engr. Navarro for the supervision.
  5. The house construction period will be at least 3 to 4 months.

Mr. Richard Oliver Cruz
House owner

Arch. Rodolfo Cruz

Claim Money Authorization Letter

January 16, 2003

Ms. Janet L. Crisostomo
Accounting Head
Dallas Incorporated
Ayala, Makati City

Dear Ms. Crisostomo:

I am writing to notify your good office that I am authorizing the bearer of this letter named, Pacita L. Sta. Ana to claim my back wage pay.  I will not be able to get it personally because I have to stay in our province for a while.

Ms. Sta. Ana will bring her two valid IDs for identification and in my behalf let her sign any documents needed for the transaction.

I hope for your consideration regarding this matter. Thank you very much and more power.

Sincerely yours,

Rexie Ann D. Romualdez

Request Refund Tuition Fee Letter

December 15, 2005

Ms. Kyla D. Cruz
Accounting Head
St. Martinez College

Dear Ms. Cruz

I would like to request for the refund of my son’s tuition fee because my son, Carlito D. Cruz,  will not continue to study on your school.  Our visa was finally approved and our family will stay in Canada for good.

We would like to refund his tuition for 3 months which is cost Php 12,000 since he was not be able to attend classes and school activities for this month until March.

I hope for your usual cooperation regarding this matter.  We will cherish our happy moments with your school.  Assure that we will always be grateful to your school.

Sincerely yours,

Cynthia D. Cruz

Technical Assistant Application Letter

February 15, 2000

Ms. Leila R. Dy
Human Resource Manager
Mariveles, Bataan

Dear Ms. Dy:

I am applying for the Technical Assistant position with your company. I believe that my skills and training is a perfect match to the requirement listed in your posting. My experience is aligns with the qualification you are seeking.

With 5 years experience as Technical Assistant, I help my previous company, ARLD Incorporated, to keep their company running smoothly and efficiently. I have a good communication skill that provides excellent customer service. I can deal with customer to handle their technical issues and concerns. Attached herewith is my resume for your perusal.

I am looking forward for having an interview with your company at your convenient possible time to discuss the details of this position.

Sincerely yours,

Lucas D. Macaspac

Sales Manager Application Letter

January 12, 2009

Ms. Jenny R. Santos
Human Resource Manager
KTV Incorporated
Pasay City

Dear Ms. Santos:

I am Renato J. Diuco applying for the position of Sales Manager.  I am confident that the vacancy is perfect match for my abilities and knowledge.

I believe that I will become the asset of your company since I have achieved an average of 30% sales growth increase over two years in my current employment as Assistant Sales Manager for Menardo Supplies Ltd. I have the ability to grow revenue per customer by motivating them.  I have attached my curriculum vitae for your further verification of my qualification.

I look forward to further discussing with you my qualification in a greater detail at the earliest possible time.


Renato J. Diuco

Employment Certification Letter

October 30, 2004

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that Remond D. Reyes has been an employee at BUMJIN PHILIPPINES CONSTRUCTION INC. (Tank team) with the following details:

Tank Fitter – August 14, 2001 up to September 26, 2004 for RMP-2 Project, Petron Bataan Refinery, Limay, Bataan.

We find him very hardworking, efficient and dedicated in his work during his stay with us.  We issue this certificate to wish him best and for whatever legal purposed it may serve.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Willie D. Sy
Admin Manager

Employment Reference Letter

February 20, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This letter is serves as a recommendation for Ms. Lorabel D. Santiago

Ms. Santiago worked with me at Celeste Megastore Inc. for 2 years. She is a hard-working employee and knows how to get the work done successfully.  Also, she has excellent communication skills.  She was highly respected here by her colleagues and customers.

I strongly recommended her to a position of Accounting Staff.  I am sure that she will be a great asset to the company.  I will be happy to provide further information about Ms. Santiago, please feel free to give me a call.

Sincerely yours,

Flordina R. Tricano
Human Resource Supervisor

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