Sample Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy

Number: 013958854

March 12, 2012

This certifies that the building/structure which has been designed and constructed as a One Storey Residential under Building Permit 02114246 dated October 9, 2011 issued under the name of Jcmer Navarro and Merecel Navarro has been inspected and found to be in conformity with the approved plans and specifications on file in this office and the provisions of the National Building Code (PD 1096) and its implementing rules and regulations and therefore the building/structure may not be occupied or used.

The owner shall properly maintain this building to enhance architectural well-being structural stability, sanitation and fire protective properties and shall not be occupied or used for purposes other than its intended use as stated above.

This Certification is issued in accordance with Section 309, Chapters of PD 1096.


Engr. Ronaldo R. de Mesa
Building Official