Memorandum of Agreement

 Memorandum of Agreement for On-Job- Training

This memorandum of Agreement is entered into and executed by and between:
The PILLAR STATE UNIVERSITY herein referred to as the PSU, a chartered state university represented by its President Dr. Ronald Malibiran, a duly authorized for the purpose with principal address at Zamboanga City.


The LIQUIGAZ PHILIPPINES CORPORATION hereinafter referred to as the LPC, a private company duly organized and existing under the Philippine Law, represented by its President, Mr. Delfin Pascual, duly authorized for the purpose with principal address at 4th floor Senora Bldg. Ayala, Makati City.


WHEREAS, PSU accepts the role in representing its students through its President, with the LPC providing for the training as well as upgrading the safety attitude, knowledge and proficiency of the students in welding, electrical electronics and mechanical technology:

WHEREAS, LPC accepts responsibility to train and upgrade the safety attitude, knowledge and skills and proficiency of the students coursed through PSU through an on-the-job training at LPC:

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the parties hereto agree as follows:

  1.  That PSU and LPC shall coordinate their efforts to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude of the student-trainees through their on the job training;
  2. That PSU shall provide the student-trainees the needed occupation related theoretical instructions before hands-on training;
  3. That LPC shall equip the student-trainees the necessary practical or hands-on training inside the work premises;
  4. That the student-trainees agree to cooperate with both the PSU and LPC for the purpose of acquiring and develop proficiency in terminal maintenance and operations.
  5.  That the students agree to attend diligently and faithfully the training duration under the following terms and conditions:


  •  Training duration – three (3) months for (DET) Diploma of Engineering Technology Course
  • Training hours – 540 hours
  • Start of Training – May vary but usually commence on November of every year
  • End of Training – Upon completion of required training hours
  • Training duration – Summertime
  • Training hours – 300 hours
  • Start of Training – May vary but usually commence on November of every year
  • End of Training – Upon completion of required training hours

6.    That the student-trainees will follow the suggested schedule, i.e., 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or whatever is appropriate for both the student-trainees and the company;

7.    That a student-trainees’ log book shall be maintained by the student-trainees wherein they will record their daily attendance and accomplishment for the day during the in-plant training;

8.    That LPC shall pay for the training allowance of the student-trainees which shall be seventy-five (75) percent of the applicable minimum wage or base of Php 270 plus E-cola of Php 90.00 per day spent while in in-plant training.  The training allowance shall be remitted by LPC directly to the student-trainees every 15 days of training;

9.    That LPC shall enroll the student-trainees under its group insurance policy during the duration of the training and pay the corresponding insurance premiums;

10.    That during the period of training, any student-trainee/s covered by this Agreement may be terminated by serving written notice at least seven (7) working days, or as maybe applicable, before the actual date of termination stating the reason thereof;

11.    That any party to this Agreement may terminate any student-trainee/s for the following valid causes:

  • Habitual absenteeism
  • Willful disobedience of company rules or insubordination to lawful order of a superior
  • Poor physical condition, permanent disability or prolonged illness which incapacities the student-trainees from working
  • Theft or malicious destruction of company property and/or equipment
  • Poor efficiency of performance for a prolonged period despite warnings given to the student-trainees
  • Engaging in violence or other forms of gross misconduct inside the company’s premises

–    Lack of interest in performance of assigned duties
–    Absent without leave (AWOL) from work for three (3) consecutive working days with no justifiable reason/s

Problems that occurred shall be investigated first by LPC’s Safety and Quality System Officer and shall be reported to PSU through its Placement Coordinator. Termination of the student-trainee/s shall be approved by both parties;

12.    That upon satisfactory completion of the required training hours. LPC is obliged to issue a “Certificate of Training” to student-trainees;

13.    That student-trainee/s may be absorbed by LPC as its regular employee, after his/her completion of the trainings hours required to finish his/her course/s;

14.    That the rules and regulations of PSU and LPC shall be observed as part of the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

This agreement shall take effect and commence upon signing of both parties and after the confirmation of the PCU Board of Regents and shall remain in focus unless terminated by any party with at least one (1) month notice.

IN WITHNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto affixed their signatures on  28th day of March, 2008 at  Zamboanga City, Philippines

University President
Pillar State University

Liquigaz Philippines Corp.

Signed in the presence of:

Placement Officer
Pillar State University

Senior Terminal Manager
Liquigaz Philippines Corp.