Sample Loan Modification Hardship Letter

September 12, 2008

Mr. Jose Francisco
Loan Office
ABE Financial Consultants
Ayala, Makati

Dear Mr. Francisco:

We would like to request for loan modification program to retain our home and avoid foreclosure.  As you will know, we have been delinquent on our mortgage payments due to some unavoidable circumstances.  We have tried our best to pay back our dues on time but failed.

The reason of our missed mortgage payment is layoffs from employment and our present income does not permit us to continue the payments as per the prevailing loan agreement. Still, we have full intention to pay back the entire loan amount and keep back the home with us.  We are sure that this situation is temporary and we would continue with the earlier agreement as soon as we return to our earlier course of income.

We hope to any cooperation to modify our loan and consider our situation.

Sincerely yours,

Rosemarie M. Lopez

Rodolfo G. Lopez