Sample Hardship Letter – Mortgage Loan

November 15, 2006

Mr. Miguel Estrada
ABC Real Estate Loan Investor
Balanga City, Bataan

RE: Account Number  41572-1452

Dear Mr. Estrada:

I am requesting that you review my financial situation to see if I qualify for any payment option available.

I feel behind on my mortgage payments because my income has dropped considerably since October and I can no longer afford the terms of the original loan. I am experiencing financial hardship because I was laid off in my second job last month.

Enclosed is my recent financial document such as copies of my bank statements and proof of income.  I am sending these documents to show my present economic situation.

Since I am your loyal customer for the last two years, I would like to ask for a loan modification that involved payments of no more than Php 25,000.00 per month, I know I will be able to afford.

I believe that this is only a temporary condition and very soon I will be able to make my payments in full again.

Thank you for your consideration and I really appreciate any help you can offer me.

Respectfully yours,

Digna Briones
Del Rosario St.
Pilar, Bataan
Tel. No. (047) 475-2154