Mortgage Loan Payment Plan Request Letter

January 12, 2003

Mr. Ronald Marasigan
Account Manager
ABC Lending Investor

Dear Mr. Marasigan:

I would like to inform you that I am currently going through hard time such as some financial difficulties that I will not be able to pay my monthly payment to you.  It has been four (4) years now since I bough our dream home with my family.

My wife is suffering illness which I was burden with medical bills which is not covered by my insurance and we have to spend an additional of Php10500 per month on her medicines that we did not anticipate.

As of now, we cannot afford to keep our home and make the payment on time. Because of our current situation, I would like to suggest us a payment plan that is mutually beneficial to all of us.

I hope for your kind consideration.

Very truly yours,

Edwardo R. Lintag