Hardship Letter Sample – Mortgage Loan

April 21, 2001

Ms. Yna S. Brown
Prufinancial Assistance Inc.
Ayala, Makati

Dear Ms. Brown

I am writing this letter to explain my financial hardship at this time.  We become delinquent on our mortgage and we do everything to save our home.

We are supporting the hospitalization of my mother that’s why our income has been reduced.  I would like to request for loan modification in order to lower our mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure of our family home. We truly appreciate your cooperation this matter.

Enclosed are documents that substantiate my present financial status.

I, Leonard M. dela Cruz, that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Very truly yours,

Leonard M. dela Cruz
Santana Land Abucay, Bataan
Account No. 45745