Election Excuse Letter

October 9, 2000

Mrs. Lolita Padilla
Dean of Computer Department
East Wood College

Dear Mrs. Padilla:

Good day!

Attached is the list of students who will take part in the conduct of the Campus Student Council Election 2000 tomorrow, October 10, 2000 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  They will be serving as volunteers, watchers and Commission on Student Election members.

Kindly excuse the students, whose names appear in the attached list, from their classes tomorrow.  Please give them consideration with whatever quizzes and class activities that they might miss as a result of their participation.  Let us shore up our students in their exercise of the democratic process.

We look forward to a successful election which will only be possible with your support.  Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Lissete D. Ortega
Director, Student Affairs