Sample Job Contact

June 05, 1995


AB Computer College
Sta. Rosa Pilar, Bataan

Ms. Maricel L. Gonzales

We are pleased to inform you of your employment as a FULL-TIME FACULTY member of theĀ  Architecture Department of this college on PROBATIONARY STATUS with a rank of instructor 2 and a monthly compensation of Php 12,000 teaching load of teaching load of 24 units/hours per week.
Teaching loads assignments in excess of the maximum load shall be considered EXTRA-LOADS, and shall be paid at the rate of Php300.00 per lecture hour and Php150.00 per laboratory hour which are the standard hourly rate for your level.

This employment shall be valid and effective for a period of 2 semesters commencing on June 05, 1995 and ending on March 31, 1995.
The renewal of this employment or its change to permanent or tenured status shall depend on the quality of your performance based on established and published guidelines which you are fully aware of your professional and academic growth such as the acquisition of graduate and post graduate degrees, and your compliance with existing and valid school policies, standards and regulations and pertinent laws.

The probation period shall be forĀ  two (2) consecutive years and is conditioned by the pleasing service within the period, the quality of such service to be determined by the College Administration.

The two-year probationary period may be shortened upon the discretion of the administration if your performance is warrants.

Sincerely yours,
AB Computer College