Sample Contract Letter – Appointment / Service Contract

June 03, 1998

Engr. Roland Cruz
Capitol Hills
Balanga City, Bataan

You are hereby hired and appointed as part-time lecturer of the Far College University (FCU), Balanga City, Bataan effective June 05, 1998.  You are to receive Three Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 350.00) per hour.  Your employment status is contractual and co-terminus with the assigned course.

It is understood that as a part-time lecturer hired by FCU, you are bound by the following classes:

1.    That you are to conduct the training for the specified course below:

Class Code:  DISMATH 241
Course: Discrete Mathematics
Days/Time: Tue., Thur., 5:00 to 9:00 pm
No. of Hours: 46 hours

2.    Your final salary will be released 10 days after the end of class upon submission of all the requirements mentioned in item no. 3.

3.    That you are to submit (a) Summary of grades, (b) Accomplishment class cards, (c) Coursework (Test and Assignments), and (d) Documents supporting the accomplishment of students.

4.    That all materials are confidential and not be brought out to the vicinity of the Center and should remain in the custody of the Academics Head.  That these materials are to be checked/processed within the confines of the center.  The Academic Head shall assign or provide the necessary personnel, equipment or materials for the part-time lecturer to accomplish the said documents.  Failure to submit the said requirements on time would forfeit the remuneration mentioned on this contract.

5.    It is understood that employment may be terminated within the period cited for the following reasons: (a) Unsatisfactory or below standard work performance; (b) Violation of existing company policies, rules and regulations, and (c) Reduction in workload.

6.    That you are required of finish the entire total number of hours of the training course as stipulated on your contract/appointment.  Should in any event you cannot complete the remaining part of the training period and to avoid any breach of contract on your part, you are required to submit letter of intent to the Academic Head at least two (2) weeks before the actual date you wanted to end your service, for FCU reserves the right to not grant your request for an end-of-service and you are required to continue with the remaining hours of the said training.

7.    Should in any event with the exception of force majure (“Acts of God”) you cannot fulfill your obligation, it shall be construed as a breach of contract on your part and FCU reserves the right to suspend stop and/or forfeit payment of hours already rendered by you.  This breach of contract is defined in the Philippine Civil Code and thus will be subjected to court of law in the city where the center resides.  Whatever expense incurred by FCU in such litigation shall be shouldered by you.

Finally, it is understood that his contract shall remain in full force and effect only during the period herein indicated.


Rosaline Mercado
HR Manager
Date: ______________

Engr. Roland Cruz
Part time Lecturer
Date: ______________