Insurance Complaint Letter

October 15, 1998

Ms. Anallyn D. Smite
Insurance Manager
Global Mark Insurance Company
Pasig City

Dear Ms. Smite:

Policy No: 012345678

I would like to complain about my car insurance claim being rejected.

I call to your office last July 25, 1998 to extend the insurance so that it also covered my son as he would also be using my car. But when I make a claim for a minor accident that my son was involved last October 12, my claim was rejected because the policy did not cover my son. Your personnel told that there was no record of my policy ever being extended to cover my son.

Attached here is a copy of a telephone bill which shows that the call was made. I spoke to your personnel named Ms. Karen So. I believe that you made a mistake in not changing the insurance policy. I am willing to investigate this matter and pay the claim.

I hope of hearing from you as soon as possible.


Topper D. Samaniego