Delayed Shipment Complain Letter

September 16, 2003

Mr. Remond Reyes
ATM Enterprises
Del Pilar Zamboanga del Sur

Dear Mr. Reyes:

You have generally given us such excellent service that we regret having to call your immediate attention to Purchase Order No. 4271, placed with you, under date of September 11.  It should have reached us three days ago, and it still is not here.

Maybe this shipment is en route now.  In any event, we shall appreciate your telephoning us and letting us know exactly how matters stand.  If the order is not on its way, please take immediate steps to send it, and mark RUSH.  In case you cannot furnish all items now, please ship the make up kits at once.

We shall expect your telephone call upon receipt of this letter.


Noel D. Santiago