Invitation Letter Sample – Luncheon Meeting

December 05, 2007

Dr. Juan Pizarro
President, Pilar State University
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Dr. Pizarro,

The administration, the faculty and the Alumni Association of Pilar State University will hold their annual luncheon meeting in the Joyous Hotel and Resort on December 17 at 12:00 noon.

Would you be our guest speaker and give us the benefit of your long experience in the field of education?

We would count it a privilege to hear you discuss this interesting subject for about half an hour.

We shall be proud to have you attend our annual luncheon and I know our full membership will be at hand for the occasion.

Sincerely yours,

Ruth M. Santos

Sample Reference Letter – Accounting Manager

October 19, 2005

Ms. Marian Valera
Manager, ABE Accounting Firm
Ayala, Makati

Dear Ms Valera:

Mr. Amel Hipolito is our favored applicant for a Accounting Manager position. In his application, he includes your name as one of his references.  He stated in his application letter that he resigned from your good company a month ago.

Any information you can give us about his will enable us to assess her skills.  How long did he work with you?  How do you rate his competence? His efficiency?

Answers to these questions will surely of help.

Thank you for your cooperation and hoping that we can do you the same favor in the future.


Emily Sacdalan

Appointment Letter Sample – Vice President

April 4, 2005

Dear Mr. Renzo Moran,

Because of your loyal service to my company, I have decided to appoint you as the new Vice President of URA Group of Companies.  I commend you for your professional efficient style of working.  Such would help in further enlarging this company and lead us closer to our targets.

Congratulations!  Keep up your good work.


Rodwart Steven

Credit Letter – Monthly Account

November 28, 2003

Mr. Lito Dominguez
Wawa St.
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Mr. Dominguez

We thank you for the orders you have given us lately, and we wish to assure you how much we appreciate your patronage.

It may save your time, and make your purchasing more convenient, if you would permit us to open a monthly account for you.

Then you would not need to carry any considerable sums with you when purchasing from us.  All that need be done would be tell the sales lady who waits on you that you have a charge account.

You could also order by telephone or letter, and your instructions would be followed as carefully as if you selected the items personally in our store.

You would always have the advantage of returning any purchases which were not entirely what you wanted.  We guarantee the quality of every article we sell and we do our utmost to render prompt and intelligent service to the requirements of our customers.

If you will find any difficulty with our service at any time, our manager would be glad to give personal attention to your requests.

The monthly account is at your disposal now, and we should welcome you using it whenever you are in need of anything that we have in our store.

Very truly yours,

Mr. Rex Ocampo