Progress Report Memorandum

To: Ms. Analin D. Valencia

From: Engr. Jestoni L. Alarcon, Director

Subject:  ABE Building Construction Progress Report

Date: October 10, 2001

In connection with the preparation of our monthly and annual report on building construction, may we request for a copy of the progress report on ABE Building Construction as of September 30, 2001 to enable us to get information as well as the work percentage on said report needed for our monthly and annual report.

We expect the progress report tomorrow morning.

Sample Memorandum Letter

February 7, 1979


To: The Chief, Electrical Engineering Section

Hereunder are the comments and suggestions of the undersigned on the design plans and specifications that your men prepared and which you submitted last week.

  1. The core is proposed to be made of ordinary transformer iron.  Would it not be better if we use high grade silicon steel?
  2. The size of the blower for cooling purposes seems to be inadequate for the computed losses of the machine.
  3. Instead of ordinary porcelain bushings, the condenser type may be better.  Please study the possibilities of using the latter type.

Considering the above may lead to a better design of our transformers.

Dennis Lucena
Chief Engineering Division

Interoffice Memorandum Sample – Power Interruption

Date: August 24, 1980
To: Plant Superintendent
From: Roberto W. Lacaba, Commercial Superintendent
Subject: Meralco Power Lines

Mr. Franco Lagman, of the Domestic Airport, has informed me that the Kingston Power Company, in routing its lines, has brought the high-tension wires in a number of cases too close to our lines.

He also brings to my attention what he believes in an unsatisfactory splicing of our cable in the manhole at the point where our lines enter the ground.  He thinks that the covering tape may give way and interrupt service, and he is eager to preclude any such inconvenience to the airport.

Please investigate this matter at once ad let me know whether conditions are as they should be

Replacement of Aircon Office Memo

To: Mr. Delfin Soco, Section Chief
From: Mr. Luis Hidalgo
Subject: Repair and/or Replacement of Airconditioning Units

This is to inform that the airconditioning units in our office are not functioning well.  It is suggested that the airconditioning units be repaired and replace with the new ones.  This is for the comfort and efficiency of the employees.

All department heads are enjoined to use the new performance appraisal forms and submit the latest ratings of your respective employees not later than June 30, 2008.

Sample School Memorandum – Plant Visit

To:  Engr. Timothy H. Macalinao
Through: Vice President for Academic Affairs
From: University President

Industrial Processes and Plant Inspection (MEIP-513) aims to expose students to the actual processes in the various power and industrial plants; hence, on August 30-31, 2002, plant visits shall be undertaken by the 5th year BSME students to the following power and industrial plants:
1.    Philippine Resins Industries Incorporated, Batangas II, MAriveles, Bataan;
2.    Department of National Defense, Lamao, Limay, Bataan;
3.    Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Morong, Bataan.

Those whose names appear on this memorandum are expected to participate in the said activity.  Faculty members are advised to excuse the attendees from their classes during the conduct of the plant visit.  Kindly submit a Narrative Report to the Office of the University President, through proper channels, for documentation purposes and justification of expenses.

Incidental expenses incurred in attending the activity shall be borne by the participants.

For your information, guidance and compliance.

Delfin O. Magpantay, Ed.D.
University President

Sample Inter Office Memorandum

To: Region V Manager
From: Corazon C. Obnamia, Zone Underwriter
Date: March 15, 2005
Subject: Region V Report, February, 2005

Your agents produced exceptionally well in February.  We approved 01 policies in your region last month.  The approvals in each province were:

Batangas – 20
Leyte – 16
Nueva Ecija – 4
Ilocos Norte – 17

Only five individual policies were declined:

Evangeline Dayap, Plan 1752 – Cancelled by applicant
Leah Araojo, Plan 1752 – Inspection report
Anunciacion Brotonel, Plan 1781 – Incomplete
Corales Patricio, Plan 1781 – Occupation
Florefez Dizon, Plan 1752 – Incomplete

We’re pleased with the production in your zone; we want to help you and your agents in any way we can.  Please call me if you have any questions.

Inter Office Memorandum Sample

To: Region V. Manager
From: Corazon C Obnamia, Zone Underwriter
Date: March 15, 2005
Subject: Region V Report, February, 2005

Your agents produced exceptionally well in February.  We approved 91 policies in your region last month.  The approvals in each province were:

Batangas  20
Leyte  16
Nueva Ecija
Ilocos Norte

Only five individual policies were declined:

Agent – Reason
Evangeline Dayap – Cancelled by applicant  (Plan 1752)
Leah Araojo – Inspection report (Plan 1752)
Anunciation Brotonel – Incomplete (Plan 1781)
Corales Patricio – Occupation (Plan 1781)
Florefez Dizon – Incomplete (Plan 1752)

We’re pleased with the production in your zone; we want to help you and your agents in any way we can.  Please call me if you have any questions.


University Memorandum – Request Academic Consideration

March 24, 2010

To: Mrs. Cheryl Cruz; Mrs. Magda Pizarro; Engr. Edgardo L. Sarmiento

Through: Vice President for Academic Affairs

From: University President

The BPSU Quartet and BPSU Chamber Chorale were First Place and Second Place winners respectively in the recently concluded DC-SUC III Literacy and Cultural Festival held on March 4-5, 2010 at the Bulacan State University.  Furthermore, BPSU was ranked third place overall.

In view of the intensive training the BPSU Chorale Members underwent two weeks before the actual contests, some tests, quizzes and requirements were missed by the members.

It is thus requested that due consideration be given to the students whose names are attached to this memorandum.

For your information and guidance.

Delfin O. Magpantay, Ed.D.
University President

Sample Memorandum – Proposals

February 1, 1979

FOR: The Safety Engineer, Wheels Automotive Corporation

In connection with your instruction to the undersigned to suggest a procedure of operation for a god Preventive Maintenance Program, please consider the following proposals:

1.    All foundations, columns, girders, walls, etc. must be inspected every year for cracks.
2.    All roofs must be inspected every six months for defects.
3.    Floors must be inspected for defects every three months.
4.    Drinking water systems, toilets and wash bowls must be checked daily.
5.    Pipes for heat and low pressure steam must be inspected monthly.
6.    High pressure steam pipes must be inspected weekly.
7.    Pipes for oil and water must be checked every three months.
8.    All electric wirings must be inspected every three months.
9.    Pressure tanks, ventilation, exhausters and blowers must be inspected weekly.
10.    Cranes, elevators, conveyors, lifting devices, hoists, crane runways, slings, ovens, furnaces, electric welders, grinders and tools must be checked every month.

If these are implemented and complied with, minor defects can be corrected immediately to prevent the need for major repairs while renewals may be made before equipment breaks down.

Mechanical Engineer I

Inter office Memorandum

Date: April 14, 1990

To: Hazel Smith, Publications Manager

From: Herbert Kaufman, Vice President

Subject: Time Estimate for Acme Electronics Brochure

Acme Electronics has asked us to prepare a comprehensive brochure for their Milwaukee office by August 1 of this year.  We have worked with electronic firms in the past, so this job should be relatively easy to prepare.  My guess is that the job will take nearly two months.  Ted Harris has requested time and cost estimates for the project.  Fred Moore in accounting will prepare cost estimates, and I would like you to prepare a schedule for the estimated time.

In preparing the schedule, check production schedules for all staff writers, compile a list of available free-lance writers we can depend on, and contact local graphic designers for art work, since our art department is heavily scheduled through July.  Also, don’t forget t take staff vacation time into account.  Let me emphasize that we must finish by our estimated date (most important), that the overall design must have a uniform format, and that the artwork must blend properly with the copy

Time Estimates
Please give me time estimates by April 19.  A successful job done on time will give us a good chance to obtain the contract to do Acme’s publications for their annual stockholders’ meeting this fall.

I know your staff can do the job.