Transcript of Record Authorization Letter

August 09, 2003

Ms. Lenita Remedios
Tomas del Rosario Academy
San Jose, Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Ms. Remedios:

I would like to authorize my mother, Felicisima Herrera to claim my transcript of record on my behalf.  I am currently worked abroad and I need an original copy of my college transcript to complete the process of my papers.  Herewith attached is my two identification cards and student information.

I hope for your kind consideration.

Thank you very much

Sincerely yours,

Alfredo Herrera

Authorization Letter Sample – Refund Money

August 12, 1997

Mr. Mario Bascara
Asbury Learning Center for Children
Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mr. Bascara:

I hereby authorize my sister, Erica M. Sales, to claim my check regarding the refund tuition fee of my son, Ernesto L. Malibay.

Enclosed are the certified copies of the documents you require to complete the refund process.

My sister will present her postal ID and voter’s card for identification purposes.

I hope you will consider this letter of authorization.

Thank you and more power.

Sincerely yours,

Zenaida S. Malibay

Authorization Letter Sample

April 28, 1990

Mr. Reginand H. Cheng
Bank Manager
Philippine National Bank
Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Mr. Cheng:

I, Louie L. Herrera,  hereby authorize my sister, Rosanna L. Herrera, to withdraw my balance amounting to Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Pesos (Php 998,000) in my savings account denominated as Philippine National Bank savings account no. 367-578441-8.

Ms. Herrera will present at least two (2) cards for identification purposes such as her passport and SSS ID.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Louie  L. Herrera

Medical Record Information Authorization Letter

April 21, 1990

Ms. Aprilyn Sanchez
St. Joseph Clinic
Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Ms. Sanchez,

I, Rico L. Herrera, hereby authorize Dr. Rodrigo C. Medina to release my personal medical information to Dr. Arnie L. Camacho.

I am writing this letter for granting access to any of my medical records such as CT scans, MRI scans and X-rays since I am under the care and treatment of Dr. Medina since February, 1990.

Sincerely yours,

Rico L. Herrera

Sample Authorization Letter – Claim Insurance Payment

January 25, 1993

Ms. Lilian Santiago
PruLife Insurance Corp.
Ayala Ville
Makati City

Dear Ms. Santiago,

I, Edwin D. Sanchez, hereby authorize my wife, Angelita D. Agaloos, to clamin all my payments fro your insurance company, PruLife Insurance Corp.

I will not be able to claim my payments left with your company since October 1993 because I am in vacation. My wife will present at least three identification cards or documents for your proof and identification purpose.

For any inquiries, you can reach me at telephone number 02-952-457

Sincerely yours,

Edwin D. Sanchez

Sample Authorization Letter – Shipment

February 13, 1992

Mr. Juanito Fernandes
RED Enterprise
Pilar, Bataan

Dear Mr. Fernandes:

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Jugro Transport to act on my behalf in all manners relating to shipment of our merchandise, including signing of all documents relating to these matters. Any and all works carried out by Jugro Transport on my behalf shall have the same effect as acts of my own

This authorization is valid until further written notice from ABC Corporation.

Very truly yours,

Allan Soriano

Authorization Letter to Travel

March 5, 2003

Dr. Renato Ramos, Ed.D.
University President
Pilar State University

Dear Dr. Ramos:

Authority is hereby given for the travel of Engr. Marlon Carlos, Engr. Nelson de Leon, Engr. Ernesto Herrera to Tarlac, Pangasinan, Vigan and Ilocos Norte on March 10, 11, 12, 2003 for the seminars and field trips.

Expenses incident to this travel shall be charged against the school funds subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Dr. Erlinda Bonifactio
President for Academic Affairs

Letter of Authorization – Instrumentation Seminar

June 30, 2005

Engr. Jose Fernando
Dean, College of Engineering
East Asia University

Dear Engr. Fernando:

In connection with the Techno “Instrumentation Seminar” which you will be attending as participant on July 12-15 in Tokyo, Japan, please prepare a comprehensive report.

I hope your participation in this seminar will be very fruitful.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Leonida Sanchez

Letter of Authorization

September 22, 2006

Engr. Rodolfo Diuco
Project Manager
Capitol Balanga City Authority
Balanga City, Bataan

Dear Engr. Diuco:

Due to the heavy traffic we have been experiencing here in Bataan should now be seriously addressed.  In this connection please prepare a feasibility study which will serve as basis for the establishment of Town Transportation Service Program.

In your report which will be submitted to the Secretary of Department of Public Works and Highways, please discuss the following points: causes, effects of traffic and preventive measures, as well as, other important information which you think should be included.

With your comprehensive feasibility study, it is expected that we will be in a much better position to make sound decisions concerning the immediate establishment of the program.

Sincerely yours,

Mayor Jose Garcia

Claim Check Authorization Letter Sample

October 19, 2001

Ms. Annaliza Mantes
Accounting Manager
ADB Group of Companies
Ayala Height, Quezon City

Dear Ms. Mantes:

This letter authorize my wife, Josephine del Rosario to claim my check amounting to Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php 15,000.00) issued by your good office on my behalf.  The bearer is presenting her ID for identification purposes.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Corpus