Application Letter – Computer Programmer

January 23, 1996

Mr. Robin L. Tagle
Tagleville, Capitangan
Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mr. Tagle:

Thru the Placement Section of the East Asia College , I have learned that you are looking for a young man for the position of Computer Programmer in your EDP department.  Please consider this letter my application for the position.

Within in a month I shall have completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science at the East Asia College.  I truly enjoyed all of my courses in that field and would bring enthusiasm and a strong desire to be helpful to the position of computer programmer.

My record at the college together with the practical experience which I have received makes me feel reasonably confident that I could be of material assistance to you.

I shall appreciate your letting me know when I may call so that you can judge my personal qualifications.

Sincerely yours,

Michelle M. Obama